Lawless Heart. These words are very many years, no one knows who was the first to use them, but they are relevant to this day. The issue of a related marriage was sharply discussed both 200 years ago and in the modern world. There are always two points of view in any dispute. This issue is no exception. Opponents refer to the genetic deviations of children from such a marriage and its unnaturalness, while supporters believe that marriages between relatives, in particular cousins ​​and sisters, are quite harmless phenomenon. Let's try to figure out whose point of view is closer to the truth.

The history of marriages between cousins ​​and sisters

Is it possible to marry a cousin

In history, an uncountable number of examples, whenMarriages between relatives were actively practiced. At the same time, the motives for such actions were more often political or financial than love ones. Imperial or royal dynasties did not want to see people with other blood in their ranks. That is why marriages between brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews were often enough, after all, representatives of royal dynasties were not so much and had to be tied up by the marriage of relatives.

History also includes cases of marriages betweenrelatives because of family beliefs, in which it was believed that money should not leave the boundaries of the family. But such motives were only for a small number of nationalities.

There were other reasons for such unusual marriages. Aristocratic families very much cherished their kind, their surname, and the arrival of new blood meant almost the collapse of the ideal kind. However, in those days, a lot of children with mental and physical abnormalities were born.

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marriages between relatives

Modern scientists, carrying out various experiments,determined that it was the related marriages that became the main reason for the extinction of the dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs. They also constantly repeat that children whose parents are close relatives are more susceptible to various physical anomalies. A striking example of this is the children of royal dynasties, much more often than others, who had various genetic diseases.

Recently, a theory has also emerged about the benefits of mixing blood. The more a child has blood, the stronger his health and the much better his mental capacity.

Modern research

marriages of cousins

What can we say about the modern worldand, for example, a single case of a relative marriage? Many people are wondering whether it is possible to marry a cousin or marry a cousin unless the family has had such marriages before. In this case, scientists do not see anything bad from science, if it is a single one. The following calculations are only suitable for cousins, for siblings, statistics are less than iridescent.

Recent studies of scientists from the United States showedquite unexpected figures. They concluded that children born to cousins ​​and brothers have a percentage of genetic pathology at 1.7%. This figure is only slightly higher than that of conventional pairs. At the same time, the risk of having a child with congenital malformations is much higher in people who suffer from alcoholism or those who are already 40 years old.

Expert opinion

Professor of Massachusetts University HamishSpencer said that to date no genetic research has answered affirmatively that marriages between cousins ​​represent a big risk for a child's future. Moreover, it is quite difficult to conduct a truly independent and correct investigation.

The thing is that related marriages inThe civilized world is rather an exception to the generally accepted rules. More than 80% of births of such babies occur in third world countries. There, related marriages are found quite often. In these dysfunctional countries, the percentage of children with physical disabilities is significantly higher than in other countries. Therefore, to give an unambiguous answer, from which the kid is not like everyone else (because of ecology, malnutrition, poor-quality medicine or closely related links), is almost impossible.

Is marriage possible from a legal point of view?

close relatives are who by law

In the family law of the Russian Federation,There are cases in which a marriage can not be registered by law. Close relatives - who is this? Article 14 of the Family Code gives a detailed answer to this question. It says that close relatives can not become husband and wife. These are brothers and sisters (infertile and full-fledged), relatives in descending and ascending lines, namely: children and parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and grandchildren. They can not marry under the laws of the country. But cousins ​​and cousins ​​are not close, therefore officially the marriage of cousins ​​is allowed.

Russia is not a unique country in thisplan, throughout Europe there is also the opportunity to officially legalize your relationship in this case. The ban on closely related marriages is only in some Asian countries and the US, but not in all states.

The possibility of a wedding in the Orthodox Church

Many couples are also often asked questions, you canwhether to marry a cousin and conduct a wedding ceremony. On the one hand, the Holy Scripture states that only close relatives are prohibited from marrying, cousins ​​and second cousins ​​do not apply to them. However, it turned out that a large number of newborns suffered due to related marriages. Therefore, it is almost impossible to marry in the Orthodox Church. This is a very problematic situation where it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, it is recommended to learn about the wedding directly from the priests in a particular temple.

marriage with a cousin in Russia

In most cases, in the wedding of couples in loverefuse. They also refuse brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces, aunts and their nephews (the common father or mother). In addition to blood kinship, the church does not crown those who have a spiritual kinship. That is, the parents of the child's parents can not be married. However, in this matter there is a discrepancy between the opinions of clergymen. Therefore, it is likely that in a particular church they will agree to conduct this rite. Parents and their adoptive children also fall under the ban of the wedding.

Consequences of marriage between cousins

In addition to religious convictions and medicaltestimonies, lovers are faced with a negative attitude to such a marriage by other relatives. In the countries of the former USSR, such connections have not been practiced at all, so the average person is alien. Very often the couple receives a large portion of criticism from people close to them, sometimes a family drama can reach a critical situation.

marriage between cousins

Modern medicine is capable of many miracles, andIn this case it can also help the future family. There is a special genetic examination that can determine the risks of possible deviations of a child born in a closely related marriage. Such studies can determine with great accuracy whether it is possible to marry a cousin from a medical point of view.

In the process of examining potential parentsdoctors thoroughly examine the diseases of previous generations. Also, geneticists determine how strong the relationship between husband and wife. After sufficiently complex diagnostic procedures, doctors determine how large the percentage of children with serious genetic abnormalities is.


So, summing up the question, is it possiblemarry a cousin, you can say the following. Only close relatives can not conclude a marriage among themselves. Who is this by law, we have already found out. Cousins ​​and brothers are not close relatives. Consequently, they can link their relationship formally. From a medical point of view, the risk of having children in such a marriage with physical and mental disabilities is slightly higher than for normal couples, but this percentage is not critical.

the history of marriages between cousins ​​and sisters

According to the Holy Scripture, marriage with a cousin in Russia is not prohibited, but historically it so happened that the church is very reluctant to crown such couples.

Comparing all the facts, we can say that marriagebetween cousins ​​and sisters - a very personal matter. However, there are no serious reasons preventing this. Most of the problems are foreseen precisely because of the local mentality, since the vast majority of citizens of Russia and other CIS countries are extremely negative about registering such marriages.