Porcelain wedding is the next for the glasswedding anniversary date from the date of marriage. Glass - a fragile thing, and porcelain, although also quite fragile, but more durable, because it was tempered in a furnace at a higher temperature than glass.

Porcelain is elegant and beautiful. It is not for nothing that for many centuries the Chinese people, who discovered the secrets of making porcelain, kept the secrets of the porcelain business of the masters.

Things from porcelain amaze with their sophistication andsplendor. And the jubilee date from the day of the union of two loving hearts - a porcelain wedding - is amazing, since not everyone can carry through the years love, loyalty, respect and cleanliness of relations.

Pass two decades together next to each other and notto squander the sense of power that once bound two fates together-this requires not only patience, but also courage. Yes, the courage to give in time, in time to remain silent, in time to support.

Therefore, if the spouses have an anniversary - 20 years from the date of the wedding, it means that they were able to withstand with dignity all the trials and disappointments that fell to their lot, saved the love and happiness of being together.

If you treat the porcelain carefully, carefully, thenit will last for a very long time. If you treat your second half carefully, respectfully and carefully, then it will come back to you a hundredfold - family happiness will last for many years.

It happens that over time, feelings of spousescool, a habit comes, and it seems that this will always be so. And only sometimes a surge of jealousy, emotions, experiences can bring back the freshness of feelings, shake and make a new look at a man who has been with you for twenty years, to whom you can always rely, who at any moment will put his right shoulder. For this, sometimes it's worth forgetting and resenting, and quarreling, and the words are heatedly heated. Porcelain wedding is another reminder to spouses with twenty years of experience about the need to take every hour, every minute what they have, not to succumb to temptations, do not despair and fight, if necessary, for their love and family.

There are two versions of the origin of the namethe twentieth anniversary of the wedding - a porcelain wedding. The first, that real porcelain at all times was very expensive, pleased the eye with its elegance and refinement. So the feelings of the spouses after twenty years of marriage attract attention with their harmony. The second variant of the origin of the name "porcelain wedding" is that for years of living together from that porcelain dish that was donated to the wedding, there is practically nothing left. "Honeymooners" with twenty years of family life experience need to acquire new services from elegant fine porcelain.

What is usually presented to spouses markingthe twentieth anniversary of the wedding? The very name of the jubilee date suggests that the best gift will be porcelain. Porcelain wedding - an occasion to present dishes made of fine porcelain (tea, table, coffee sets, coffee or tea pairs from transparent Chinese porcelain, etc.), figurines, vases, ornaments, interior items, floor lamps and chandeliers with porcelain inserts. The original surprise for the couple of jubilees will be a gift with their image (porcelain plates, cups, dishes with photos of "newlyweds"). In addition to the photos on them, you can apply and wishes for a married couple. Such a unique gift will be in the family celebrating the 20th anniversary of the wedding, a talisman, a family heirloom.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the wedding usually infamily circle, among the dear and dear to the heart of people's jubilees. Since only the closest relatives will be next, the 20th anniversary of marriage can be turned into a kind of gathering with tea, a variety of pastries and pies. The table is served necessarily new porcelain dishes. For tea drinking, a new tea porcelain set, donated in honor of the wedding anniversary, will perfectly suit.

Adult children of the originators of the celebration can prepare the original script for a porcelain wedding. They can also become the leaders of family celebrations.

You can start a porcelain wedding with congratulations from children, relatives, friends and gifts. Feast and cheerful speeches in honor of the jubilee alternate with the competitive and game programs.

A dance contest for the most charming and gentle dance will surely bring together many participants from among those present.

Next in the holiday scenario may bequiz for the best memory of the guests. Who of them will remember what were the outfits on the newlyweds 20 years ago, what gifts they were then given, whether there was any dishware and what. The guest with the strongest memory gets a memorable souvenir from porcelain from a happy couple.

In the program of the celebration it would be good to include a competition for the best knowledge of family history and a colorful story of family traditions.

To participate in the quiz "Who is on the photo?"With pleasure all guests will be happy to learn on the photos of their couple in different years of family formation of all those who passed along with happy anniversaries all these twenty years.

Competition for eloquence will attract the attention of those present, because you need to name the qualities of each of the spouses in alphabetical order. The winner is the one who knows more and knows better the pair.

Ideally fit into the holiday scenario andtraditional wedding games with blindfolds and recognition of their couple, and a competition for the distribution of family responsibilities for the next 20 years of living together and dividing, as many years ago, a wedding cake with toasts to "young."

Porcelain wedding is perceived by guests asa symbol of purity and beauty of the human relations of a married couple. The main thing in this holiday is not its scope and many guests, but the atmosphere of cordiality, love, joy, fun.