Everyone knows that a loyal friend is the most valuablelight. Often people say that friends do not need them, because they have a loved one. However, in fact, after all, a loved one or a loved one also becomes a friend for us, that's why there is no one closer to them. A faithful friend will never give up in a difficult moment, he will guess how much you need him at that moment. However, the problem usually happens in the fact that often we take for the friends completely foreign people with whom in a certain period of life we ​​have common interests. A friendship - it should be for life, not for a while.

How much joy is given to us by friends who cansupport and help in difficult times even by their presence. A person very often likes to idealize his environment, to see the qualities of a friend in those people who do not possess them at all. And therefore the most painful thing is to experience betrayal on the part of those who were allowed into the soul. Although the people say that a loyal friend does not betray, we do not quite agree with this. Friends are also people with all their shortcomings and virtues. And the main indicator of the truth of friendship is the ability to forgive, even after many years.

On how important a friend's support is in a difficultminute, wrote many writers and poets, arguing on the topic of betrayal, admiration for a friend, etc. But especially interesting is the parable of the great writer Oscar Wilde "A faithful friend." The prince begins by saying that in an interesting high society, a conversation about friendship begins. So, the duck, the Water Rat and the Linnet talk about a devoted friend. And with the mouth of the latter, Wilde gives us his story. Once upon a time there lived a kind young man named Hans. Most of all he loved his little garden with flowers. Naturally, such a kind person had many friends. However, the Big Miller was considered the closest. Despite the fact that he was very rich, his friendship consisted in every time to pick from Hans's garden a huge bouquet of flowers, collect more fruits and go home. And the whole miller motivated this by saying that true friends should share everything. However, he himself did not help Hans at all, did not visit him in the winter cold, nor did he invite Hans to his home, so that their friendship would not suffer because of the envy of a poor kind young fellow. Spring came, Miller decided to go to Hans for flowers. A loyal friend of Hans gave Miller the whole basket of flowers, although he was going to sell them and redeem his wheelbarrow, because in the winter he had to tight, and he laid it. Rich Miller said that he would give him his broken car, which Hans gladly was going to repair, because he had a new board. However, the "faithful" miller asked him to fix this roof with this board. Hans agreed, and then began to fulfill more and more requests, and he did not work in his garden at all. The denouement is very close. The miller's child fell ill, and he asked Hans to go for the doctor, despite the terrible storm. And even the lantern regretted, because a young boy can break it, and he is completely new. And then Hans, despite the bad weather, nevertheless got to the doctor, but on the way back he died. At the funeral of the poor man everyone was grieved, because he was very kind and everyone loved him very much. But Melnik especially grieved, because he was for Hans the closest person in the world, had the qualities of a friend and was going to give him a wheelbarrow.

The Fairy-Tale of Wildetopic of our article. One must be able to distinguish real friends from those who use everyone under the guise of a friend and use kindness. And such people, unfortunately, are becoming more and more. People forget that in the world, besides their interests, there is also friendship, love, return. After all, those who know how to appreciate all the above-mentioned qualities, can be called true friends.