Many men often face the fact that they take care of the girl for a long time, but they do not see any reciprocity from her. What is the problem? What are they doing wrong?

In fact, in caring for the girls mistakeadmit it easily. Women are mysterious and unpredictable creatures. Often they themselves do not know what they want. How beautiful is to take care of a girl? This article will give some tips that will certainly help you to get an answer to such a difficult and important issue.

How to take care of a girl

To begin with, we recall that attention will be pleasantabsolutely any lady. For many of them, attention is exactly what is lacking. How to start looking after a girl? To begin with, try to just ask a few questions about herself. Who was she studying for? What does she like best? What is she dreaming about? These questions are very simple, but the point is that they help not only to recognize a person, but also to win his trust. Let me remind you that every girl likes to be paid attention to, and even more so sincerely interested in her personality.

You do not need to replay, because fake interestto recognize is not so difficult. How to avoid failure here? We advise you to learn how to really be interested in people. Practice - you will sooner or later succeed.

How correctly to look after the girl? It is necessary to understand that in this case originality is important. In many cases, the question is not even about money. Experienced men can conduct an ordinary walk so that the lady will be on the seventh heaven with happiness. Constantly come up with something new, original and unusual. Do not try to repeat yourself. Do not be lazy to learn a few poems, anecdotes or just entertaining stories that you can fill the awkward moments of silence.

You are wondering how beautifully to look afterthe girl? At once we will say that finances are important here. A little bit above it was said that it is possible to make even the most ordinary walk unforgettable. Yes, this is really true. However, do not forget that you always need a variety. Hearts of many modern girls can be conquered only with the help of expensive gifts, restaurants and the like. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, since most men assert themselves by paying for a girl. Do you have any money? Go and earn! Prove that you are worthy to spend time with beautiful ladies.

Do not forget that the girl loves the ears. Always compliment her, continue to be interested in her personality even after you have learned all that is necessary about her. In theory, to tie a representative of the fair sex, in some cases, enough of one compliment? Well, who of them will not agree to go on a date with a man who deifies her?

How correctly to look after the girl? Always show yourself with the best of luck. Talk about what you have achieved in this life, what you want to achieve in the future and what it will give you. Ladies do not like weaklings and whiners. Let their subconscious mind fix your image as a type of person you can rely on, which in fact can achieve a lot.

Let's return again to the question of money. How correctly to look after the girl? You need to spend a lot of money, but do it in moderation. Here, in principle, it all depends on the purpose for which you need this or that lady. If you want to spend the rest of your life with her, then you should not pamper her too much - to the money of a fair sex sex get used too quickly, without them, in case of difficult life circumstances it will be very difficult. If you need a fleeting novel, you can also use banknotes - it's quite effective.