Do you want to deliver your beloved man the maximum sexual satisfaction? Direct sexual intercourse is by no means the only way. How to caress a cock with your hands? Are there any special techniques?

How to caress a cock with your hands? All men are different

So, more in detail. Before you decide how to caress the penis with your hands, it is worth noting that each man is individual. Accordingly, some specific method may not suit him. Try to know in advance about the preferences of your partner. Pay attention to his movements during masturbation.

Many men like the stimulation of sexmember with light pats of phalanxes of fingers. This kind of massage contributes to the influx of blood. Try to give your fingers elegance and grace, as if you are playing a guitar or a piano. Men love eyes. It is important for them how your caresses will look from the outside.

how to caress a cock with your hands

With two hands

The next moment. You can give an incredible sensation to a man, knowing how to caress a cock with your hands (both at once). Without bending your fingers, with two palms, go back and forth on the penis. That is, the member must be between the palms. Movements should be slow and smooth. Adding a little strength, you will achieve a longer erection.

Embrace the penis with one hand and move it up and down. With the thumb of the second hand, caress the perineum in a circular motion clockwise.

Form a thumb and forefinger ring, leaving the rest free. Grab the penis and move your hands. You can do with one hand. All at your discretion.

how to caress a cock with your hands

From the base and to it

Determining how to caress the penis with your hands,pay attention to the direction of your movements. It is important. Grasp the penis at the base with one hand. And the second - the head. Hands simultaneously slide to the base of the penis. In this case, the movements must be circular. Reminiscent of squeezing towels. In this case, it is recommended to use more grease.

Use the already mentioned "OK" sign. Embrace the base and begin to strongly compress it. With your other hand, move towards the base with light movements. Change the technique. Move your thumb and index finger toward the head, then relax, then squeeze them. The combination of strength and tenderness will keep your partner on the alert.

In the shower

How else can you please yourpartner? Many men like it when a girl caresses a cock with her hands in the shower. Approach the beloved from behind. Embrace with one hand his penis. And the second stroke the soap chest and back. After that, grasp the head with the fingers of this hand. Slip your hands in opposite directions. Your partner will receive very pleasant and at the same time extraordinary sensations. Do not forget to press the penis to your hips, chest, nipples. You deliver your man a real pleasure.

the girl caresses the cock with her hands


A woman who knows how to properly caress a cock with her hands will never leave his testicles without attention. During the prelude to them, you can gently touch the palm of your hand. Or hold them for a while.

Massage the penis at the base in a circular motionwith your index finger. The other fingers seem to inadvertently touch the scrotum. Carefully "play" with the skin, located right at the base of the penis. Gently push your fingers away from the testicle. While touching the scrotum, monitor their strength. And be sure to take care of the length of your nails in order to not accidentally damage the partner.

Grab the cock with both hands. Slide with one hand towards the head. And the second - to the scrotum. You can periodically change your hands. The partner will receive different sensations. Stimulating a member in this way, you will prolong the erection and strengthen it.

Take a lot of grease. Spend, slowly, hand on the inside of the man's thigh, slowly approaching the scrotum and penis. Move even higher up to the navel. Then start to decrease. Repeat your actions in reverse order.

how to caress a member of a man with his hands

Not only hands

What should I add? Let's say how to caress a member of a man with his hands, you know. However, do not forget to surprise him. Alternate petting hands with blowjob. Caress your tongue and a member, and a scrotum. Gently place one or two eggs in your mouth. Just be careful with your teeth. After ejaculation erotically, lick off the head of the penis and scrotum of sperm.

Many men do notuse of a vibrating erection ring. Put it on the dick. Slight vibration in combination with caresses will drive your partner crazy. You can use other things that arouse a man no less. For example, he might like the touch of grass, rose petals, a feather, a vibrator or your hair.

we stroke the penis by hand

To enhance the effect

How to diversify the pleasure? We caress the penis by hand, using the reverse side of the fingers. That is, by the penis and scrotum we hold a nail plate. It is colder and harder than the fingers. Because the partner feels very unusual caresses.

Put your gloves on your hands. Just pay attention to the material from which they are made. Ideally, it's latex or rubber. Use in this case an abundant amount of lubricant.

During the stimulation of a member, eroticSounds, pronounce vulgar words, behave defiantly. The partner should receive signals that you, just like him, like these actions.

Some facts

Knowing how to caress a male cock with your hands, or inDo not forget about tenderness and caution. Still, this is the most sensitive place for men. Women, by the way, are often afraid to touch the penis and testicles because of increased sensitivity. And completely in vain. This method of excitement brings pleasure to both partners. Some men without weasel scrotum can not even reach orgasm. Note: the darker and wrinkled the skin of the scrotum, the more men in the sex hormones in the body. Accordingly, and the potency is higher.

Take into account some points when petting a member andtesticles. Do not touch them with too cold hands. This is fraught with a complete loss of potency. Avoid excessive coarseness. Do not just hold your hand on the genitals. Stroke them constantly, squeeze, lightly touch.

At many men the most erogenous zone is a skin near the most testicles - on an internal surface of a femur. Try to caress this place as often as possible.

Squeeze the scrotum simultaneously with the fingers of one handand stroke the inside of the fingers with the other. Draw along the line connecting the testicles, with your finger up and down. Rub the scrotum slightly between the fingers, squeeze and pinch. And again: remember the caution! Gently stretch the skin in different directions. Men love it. In a word, turn this process into an exciting sexual game. It is possible from time to time to scratch the testicles of the partner. Let him feel like a huge sexy cat.

Taking one or both of the testicles in your mouth, gently crochettheir lips. In this case, stroke them with your tongue. Show tenderness. Such actions, by the way, are called eggling. This leads to a not too keen, but long and devastating orgasm. At the same time, you can even "purr under your breath" some melody. True, like this point can not everyone.

Standing on your knees during intercourse, stretchHand between the thighs and caress the testicles of the partner. You surprise your man, give him the opportunity to feel something new. The main thing is that it brings pleasure to him and you.

Sexual satisfaction

Sexual life of a man and a woman is a wholea world of incredible sensations, an endless variety of emotional experiences and emotions. Culmination is the achievement of partners by orgasm. However, sexual intercourse is not necessary for this. Sexual satisfaction can be obtained and delivered to a partner, using knowledge of how to caress a member of a man with his hands. Both participants at the end of this process come to a state of complete exhaustion, they seem to roll waves of love and tenderness towards each other.

In principle, the petting of the penis is often needed andin order to prepare for the impending sexual intercourse. Even if your partner has a good erection, and you feel that the vagina has already been properly moistened, do not rush. In addition to penis preparedness, a man must have the necessary sexual spirit. Your hands should feel how to caress your penis. And what movements will lead to maximum effect.

how to caress a man's cock with his hands

There are no specific rules

In fact, the question of how to caressmale member of the hands, it is impossible to answer unequivocally. In order to achieve complete harmony, in order to prepare for intercourse, gentle female movements should pave the way to the heart of the partner, dying in anticipation of deep sexual sensations. Before touching the male member, lightly stroke the fingers of his chest, stomach, thighs. Reaching the penis, observe every nuance that accompanies the step-by-step bringing the partner into a state of high excitement. Follow your inner feelings, because rules about the caresses of the genitals, of course, does not exist. There are only the above recommendations.

how to caress a member of a man with his hands


Every man gets great pleasure,when his woman slowly caresses his cock with his hand. The main thing is to decide what he likes best. Start with subtle, light, and brief touch. Take a moment to pause and touch the penis again. Hold your hand on his head, close your fingers in the ring and start slipping slowly up and down it. The second hand at this time gently massage the testicles, cover with the palm and squeeze. Try to subordinate the movements of the hands to a single rhythm. Let them act in concert.

The most important acute sensitivity will leadyour partner in complete ecstasy. His whole body will tremble with pleasure. And all the previous caresses will unite in a single whole. Take the penis with both hands by the head and lift it up. With the index finger of one of them, draw from above the downward along the stressed trunk. Do not press too hard. Slip, barely touching. And only a small pillow of your finger. Having made several such touches, you can proceed to other actions. What they will be depends only on you and your partner. It is important only to take into account the wishes and preferences of each other. After all, it's a pleasure to deliver sexual life to both lovers.