Gone are the past marriages in a black suit andwhite dress with standard seating in a cafe. The term "wedding theme" entered into fashion. And the marriage ceremony can now look like a costume ball or a theatrical performance. There are weddings in the French style, in the Gothic, a la 60's, mafia weddings or chamomile. On the new traditions of the main family holiday read in our article.

Wedding Themes

What wedding themes do you like?

Bracing tired of the classic versionregistration of relations, and the entertainment industry has expanded its capabilities. I had to re-qualify and leading celebrations, musicians, owners of cafes and restaurants. Now the organizers of weddings for a few hours are able to transform the room beyond recognition, and turn the guests into participants in the play, which the young ones chose. If you have to register a marriage, then it's time to think about what style you want it to be.

Organization and holding of weddings
Marine Wedding Theme

Here you can use the scenery of your beloveda movie about pirates or imagine that your husband is an admiral, and hold a celebration under the salute of guns, where men will be in ancient uniforms, and women in evening dresses. Sea cuisine and a restaurant, stylized as a ship, songs of sailors and a declaration of love on the deck of a ship. All the traditions of naval officers, filed in a comic form, will help to hold your celebration cheerfully and leave a lot of impressions for the guests. There is a facilitated version of such a wedding, it is also called a spa: on the seaside guests gather in linen clothes, treats are served cookies and cake with decorations from sea stars and seashells.

Organization and conduct of weddings in the style of rock and roll

This theme is the one that most appeals to allgenerations. It is more understandable to our parents than a wedding in the spirit of Empire, Gothic or marriage in the style of rock. If you do not want to confront the interests of youth and adult guests, then choose rock'n'roll! All you need is bright costumes a la 60's, lacquered bangs, red lipstick and lush skirts to the knee. Music will be fun, guests will be offered to play a lotto for striping, and then arrange intergenerational competitions: who will dance better to the music of past years.

Wedding Themes
Flower-fruit wedding theme

It is very fashionable today to celebrate the marriagein a floral style. At your choice - daisy, sunflower, pink, strawberry, apple or lotus wedding. Interior and guests dress up in colors that are close to the chosen theme, contests and music here are more traditional. In addition, in such celebrations, you can combine the program from other wedding scenarios. Very original look the bride and her girlfriends in pink and white dresses during the strawberry wedding. The guys in this case are wearing red butterflies and socks, and the girls have pink flowers on their wrists.

Theme for a wedding in the style of a golf club

For lovers of luxury will suit stylizedparties on the theme of entertainment millionaires. One of them is the "Golf Wedding": young people dress in classical costumes, their task is to find a green lawn where the main celebration will take place to decorate it in the style of a golf course. This is one of the parties, which combines classic and innovation. The chic furnishings of the country club, golf balls and clubs, photographers and men in tuxedos, ladies in luxurious outfits and jewelry. For more originality, think up unusual invitation cards for your celebration, say, in the form of a golf ball, which opens to show the date of the marriage on the inside.

Any wedding theme implies readinessguests have fun with all the heart. When thinking over your holiday, keep in mind that you have to look at these photos all your life, and therefore, you should study all the options to choose the most suitable for you.

Happy celebration!