Playing role-playing games with her husband
So, in a happy marriage, severalyears, life settled and spins over the same scenario: house-work-house, and then dinner-TV-sleep. Begins desperately want romance. The partner sitting next to the sofa becomes boring. In this situation, you need to start acting actively, and as soon as possible. After all, the prolonged boredom in marriage threatens the complete collapse of relations!

But how to add to life more vivid colors,diversify life and again experience the long-forgotten impulses of passion? The best way is to play role-playing games with your husband. This will help to discover the natural sexuality, to show it from new, sometimes unexpected sides.

Where to begin?

Role playing with her husband a doctor
Try very simple scenarios. Ordinary everyday scenes, where each partner depicts not himself, but a fictional character. All that is required is to show very little imagination and to voice the characters involved in the role-playing game. You do not need costumes and scenery, you only need a few well-spoken suggestions.

Role playing with her husband and changing clothes

Costume erotic games are very funny and interesting. They give the big will of imagination. The suit allows you to go beyond the traditionally accepted framework in the relationship of the couple.

Do not forget that such games requirea large proportion of reincarnation. This can cause partners to feel that they are having sex with a completely stranger. Let's face it: not everyone is ready for this experience. But it's worth a try, but what if it works out?

The most popular scenario

Role playing with her husband a nurse
What are the most popular role-playing games with her husband? The nurse and the doctor are the main fictional heroes of the conjugal bed. This fantasy takes many men and women.

Exemplary scenarios can be three: a doctor and patient, a nurse and an imaginary patient, a doctor and an inexperienced nurse.

To play such a scenario, you will need quite a few accessories: a white robe, stockings, erotic underwear and any medical instruments.

You can start as a man depicting a doctor who is conducting an examination, as well as a woman who plays the role of the same doctor or young sister.

Various styles of behavior are possible:

  • a young girl does not realize how excited the patient is, looking at her charms;

  • a sexy nurse, as it were, accidentally demonstrates her tempting forms during the procedures;

  • Fatal temptress prescribes sex as a medicine.

Silly provincial woman and her employer

Young inexperienced girl, working in a richhouse, and the hamovaty son of the owner - here is one more plot on which role games with the husband can pass. In the uniform of a maid, stockings and high-heeled shoes, the girl walks in front of her partner, brushing the dust with a fluffy brush and often bending over to pick something up. He starts to piss off roughly. And of course, a stupid provincial can not resist his employer in any way.

Such role-playing games with her husband will require absolutelyfew details. A dust brush can be bought at a nearby hardware store. And shoes and stockings should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting young woman.

As for the maid's dress, it should be short with the maximum open top. You can buy a ready-made version or decorate an ordinary dress with a simple old lace.

Call Girl

Role playing games with her husband description
Short skirt, stockings in the net, T-shirt and shoes forheels - this is all that is needed to organize role-playing games with her husband on the topic of the client and the girl on call. Naturally, the outfit needs to be supplemented with bright defiant makeup.

The script of the game itself is very simple. The girl fulfills all the wishes of her client, demanding an appropriate payment in return. At the end of the game the partner can really demand money and spend it later on something pleasant for himself.

Inexperienced schoolgirl

This fantasy is very common in Japanesesexual culture. Short skirts and white socks, combined with a haircut from two tails, excite many men around the world. Perhaps this fantasy will also go into your role-playing games with your husband.

It's quite easy to choose a suit. In this scenario, the main thing is the appropriate behavior. The partner should imagine that she is just a young girl who knows about sex only from the stories of girlfriends. And the partner - an adult man - wants to teach her all the wisdom. And for the performance of the "excellent" task, he promises to give her a delicious candy.

New role-playing games with her husband: description

If you still decide to play role-playing games with your husband, the script should be thought in advance. The next five options will make fantasy work actively, and the next night will definitely not be boring.

1. The most common role-playing games with her husband: the doctor examines the patient. For example, the wife came to see a dermatologist and plays the following dialogue:

Doctor: Hello. Sit down. What are you complaining about?

Patient: You know, some spots appeared on my neck ... here (points, running my hand along my neck towards my chest).

The dermatologist (inspects): There is nothing terrible in this, just a bite of an insect.

Patient: Yes? And I was so scared, therefore I rushed to the reception.

Dermatologist: That's right. With health you can not joke. Perhaps there are some more complaints? There are no more spots anywhere?

Patient: Oh, doctor! It seems that the back also has small redness.

Doctor: Take off your shirt, they should be examined immediately ...

Role-playing games with her husband script

2. In ordinary scenes in the stadium, during a match, there may also be moments of eroticism. Imagine a dialogue between the seller of drinks and the cheerleader:

Seller: Water, juices, seeds, ice cream!

Fan: Give me half a liter of mineral water and a glass of sunflower seeds. How much will it cost?

The seller: Only 40 rubles and ... your panties ...

3. An interesting scene can be played out even in the entrance of a city high-rise building. Imagine that a very suspicious resident approaches the stranger and begins to try to find out ...

Suspicious resident: Hello. You to whom you came? Why are you standing on the court for half an hour? What are you waiting for?

Stranger: Well ... you know ... I'm Andrew's friend from the third floor.

Suspicious woman: Which Andrew? No one goes to him at all. And what do you have in the package? Are you a junkie?

Stranger: Oh no, you!

Suspicious woman: I'll call the police right now! But ... if you do something for me ...

4. Daily skirmishes on the forums can also become part of an intimate life. Imagine a blogger and troll dialogue in the comments:

Blogger: Drinking tea in the company of your favorite cat - that's what really brings me pleasure.

Troll: It's total nonsense. The most stupid thing I've read all day on the Internet.

Blogger: How? I do not understand what caused such words ?!

Troll: Your blog posts such stupid information. It does not make any sense. I do not understand why I read all this. I'll tell all my acquaintances that they will not come here again!

Blogger: Oh, no! What can I do?

Troll: I'm writing in private ...

5. And now imagine that a passer-by on the street was stopped by a volunteer of a dog shelter:

Volunteer: Hello. Hold on. I work in a shelter for small, cute little dogs. They really need help. Could you donate a few rubles to animals for food?

Passer-by: But how do I know that you are not a fraud, and the money will go to its destination?

Volunteer: I have a certificate. Also look into my eyes. They will not be deceived!

Passer-by: All right. I give 100 rubles.

Volunteer: Oh! Are you so generous? What can I do for you?

Passerby: To begin with, open the hair and remove this awful jacket ...

Role playing with her husband

A few tips

All the above scenarios serve as examples only. It is not necessary to fulfill them religiously. Their main goal is to excite the imagination of partners.

Even if role-playing games with her husband did not take theirplace in your intimate life, acquire a few sexy garments. They must certainly become stockings, high-heeled shoes, beautiful underwear and a dress. Dress them just like that - and personal life will necessarily change for the better.