In the modern world, family values ​​are strongare distorted. The reason is simple: women and men have acquired equal rights, and instead of building a simple nest, we give ourselves completely to a career and an illusory perspective. But let's find out why a wife is needed and whether it is important to register a marriage in the 21st century.

wife what for it is necessary

Simple truths

We completely forgot what a family is. These are not just obligations or social foundations, which all people must blindly obey. First of all, the family is a serious and responsible step that couples make by mutual consent. Marriage should not be built on the subordination or building of power, on the birth of children and unplanned pregnancy, on the realization that it is "necessary" and "what people think".

We forgot about a simple truth, which explains,why do I need a wife and husband. These are two companions who decided to conquer the world not alone, but by joint efforts. However, even after receiving the coveted marriage certificate, they remain free personalities who have the right to decide what clothes to wear, what to choose a perfume or occupation.

How to become a good wife: effective advice

Contrary to popular belief, a good and loving wife- this is not a slave who must strictly follow the regime of patriarchy in the family. She does not have to keep her thoughts to herself and limit her interests only for the benefit of her husband. However, being a wife is a difficult role, not everyone is suitable. Brief advice for those who want to become a caring wife:

  1. Be able to say "No!" sudden emotional outbursts.
  2. Learn to take care of a man in the way that you require of him.
  3. The husband is not the navel of the planet, but you are not the heart of the universe. Do not limit the world only to you.
  4. You will find a life partner in accordance with your prospects, desires and intellect. Want a good and caring husband? Become the same!

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Common Errors

Does a wife need a modern man, if sheis only a consumer and an active user? We do not ponder why a strong gender is so open and active in demonstrating the horror that only the very thought of family ties provokes them. But the answer lies on the surface: for thousands of years of marriage, a woman has not been able to change the nature of a man, let alone adjust to it. The same can be said about a strong field: no matter how many years the concept of a family existed, women remained a huge mystery hidden behind seven seals.

Women make many mistakes, therebypushing the beloved man away from himself, the main one being selfishness. What do most of the girls want? Completely subordinate the man to himself, not giving him either the right to choose, nor the opportunity to materialize. The female sex does so that the man's world revolves completely around his wife. Such selfishness simply trains the strong sex and makes of them hand pupils, which become weak-willed, weakly characteristic and soft-bodied.

Of course, a few years later, the woman is boredsuch behavior, and they make one more mistake - they start to "saw" their husband. But how to fix a man who for a long time implicitly fulfilled all the tasks of his beloved, completely losing any taste for life? It is important to understand that we are not talking about tyrant men who do the same way with their wife, making of it simply "the mother of my children", a personal cook, a housekeeper and a sex slave.

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Smart wife

To learn how to become an intelligent wife, you need to clearly understand the seriousness of marriage. Let's look at the most popular tips:

  • A smart wife always listens to the words of a man. You are not a slave, but you must understand that men are dominants, in which nature protects their territory and domination. Sometimes, with his eyes down, listen to the head of the family and follow his clear instructions. It is not about the ungrateful use of labor, which turns a woman into another housekeeper.
  • A smart wife always supports her man. Flattery in relationships is inappropriate if you want to create a strong family. Support is expressed in the fact that a woman hears about the dreams and plans of a loved one, helps to find the necessary information and actively participates in his life. It is also important to teach the male gender that women also have their own ideas and dreams.
  • Smart wife knows how to contain her emotions. However, like a sensible husband. Put yourself in the position of a young man when, after a hard day's work, the girl begins to actively talk about the useless activities of her friends, and then also offended that her lover does not participate in the conversation. It's time to direct your impulsiveness to self-development!

how to be a beloved wife

Male gender is not always strong

Another simple truth: we used to think that men are mean to tears, never show emotion, and indeed, gross, cold and always serious. In fact, a loving wife can reach the most secret depths of the soul, where many experiences, secrets and problems are stored.

Remembering this fact, the wife should be caringher husband and not focus only on his person. Sometimes a man also wants to press his head against her shoulder and just think about the eternal, forgetting about worldly problems. Another major mistake of women: his wife often reproaches his beloved in what he did in his life. Perhaps, many do not realize this, but when a man opens before you, it shows complete trust. Remembering facts from the life of a husband and creating a weapon from them, you forever repel him from yourself. After that, the beloved will begin to move away, and eventually seek support on the side.

Gifts are also important

There is a stereotype that a man mustendow your beloved with endless gifts, make romantic surprises and surprise every few days. But why do you need a wife, if a strong sex can win such attention by any girl you like, which in the end will not make hysterics, but give only pleasant moments?

In addition to the fact that it is important to support andbe able to stand on the side of men, girls should also give gifts, giving signs of attention. First, make surprises based on what your husband likes. Secondly, do not put all responsibility on a strong floor and at any opportunity better help him. For example, do not be afraid to change your style and image, especially if it excites and encourages a loved one. First find out what he likes: lace underwear, red hair or, perhaps, a fragrant steak with arugula. Help him organize a meeting, take responsibility to make a speech, prepare several shirts for the presentation.

how to become an intelligent wife

The husband is not only an earner, but also a person

Why do I need a wife if a man can not exerciseyourself as a person and do what his soul is drawn to? We forget one more simple truth: the male sex should not work in three places just to free his woman from financial worries, to provide her with a beautiful future and completely forget about her interests and needs. It is for this reason that men refuse to have a serious relationship in the 21st century, because they can direct all energy to self-development and education.

Before you build a family and have children, you needthink - but did you achieve everything in life, what did you want from early childhood? A clever and loving wife will always know who her husband dreamed of becoming, and will do everything to help him achieve what he wants. In this case, the man, in turn, also helps his half.

How to get closer

To learn how to be a beloved wife, it is important to ask yourself and your husband some questions:

  1. Are you ready to accept that relations are not sacrifices but joint efforts to achieve common goals?
  2. Do you realize that each of you is a free person who does not owe anything to anyone (it's not about caring for children and the obligations associated with them)?
  3. Do you understand that anger, aggression and hatred will destroy your relationship sooner or later?
  4. Do you accept the fact that sometimes you need totogether with her husband to fall to the bottom to see all the most terrible features of his and his character, look at each other from another angle, and ultimately achieve absolute success together?
  5. Do you agree to develop every day without degrading as a person?
  6. Are you ready to change yourself and your behavior to achieve harmony within your family?
  7. Do you understand that it will be necessary to abandon stereotypes that inspire us, how should women and men behave in a relationship?
  8. Do you realize that in the family the husband and wife are a single whole, where there can not be disagreements?
  9. Did you know that you will have to learn wisdom all your life, gaining experience and analyzing your past deeds?

Do a modern man need a wife
Only when you answer in detail and honestly to these questions, you can understand how to become an ideal, loving and intelligent wife.

Do not make a man of the only meaning in life

The smart wife realizes that the husband is not the center of the universe, and you do not need to turn around him 24/7.

  • First, each of us should have his owninterests. If you are lucky to be a housewife and do not care about financial well-being, then find a hobby. Go in for sports, read books, write articles, get involved in scrapbooking, study herbalism and paint ridiculous pictures - this will help not to focus on your husband's "wrong" view or tired answers to numerous questions.
  • Secondly, do not forget about your appearance. Correct the food, change the wardrobe, learn the perfect make-up. When a woman realizes that marriage is not a prison, where everything is done according to the schedule, many problems will leave their relations themselves.

Keep your family happiness in secret

Girlfriends are good, but you have to realize yetone truth: marriage is sacred, and the husband, together with his wife, must keep it, not letting anybody superfluous. Even if you trust your friends, mom or brother - everything that happens in your relationship is personal and forbidden to third parties.

mother of my children

Screaming is useless

"First they provoke us, and when they divorceshouting that we are rude and inadequate, "- so men perceive female impulsiveness.Do you express your displeasure, take a deep breath and realize that screams and scandals can take a husband out of yourself. Then you get what you eventually achieved - hatred , rude words, resentment and tears.

Think about whether something will change in your relationshipshouting? Perhaps if a man forgot to buy bread or ran away to work, did not take out the garbage - this is not an occasion to roll up a scandal and bring the matter to a divorce, complaining to friends that your husband is a real tyrant.

Summing up

Do not be spineless - stand up for something,that you are interested and important. This will simultaneously show your interest, character, desire to discuss. As already mentioned above, the family is not the relationship of a slave and her master, so you do not have to fulfill a conjugal duty with a high temperature or in the absence of sensitivity. However, do not hide your preferences and feelings. The husband and wife must fully trust each other, realizing that there is nothing shameful or vile in what was done before they met. Remember that a husband does not need a wife who is willing to betray, change, undermine confidence, deceive and humiliate.