Weekend ... This word sounds music for everyone, forexcept for the most notorious workaholics who are ready to work without interruptions. For most people, the weekend is a time when you can take a little breath, sleep ... and then spend most of your time on food, cleaning and cooking. And if you try to slightly modify the script? And at least occasionally leave the weekend just for rest and fun pastime with family, friends and loved ones.

So, how do you spend the weekend? In order for you not to leave a good mood, try to throw out of your head all the working problems. Do not take work on the house in the hope for Saturday and Sunday a little "pull up the tails" (of course, it's not about the job). Because if you spend all the weekend or even a part of them, hanging on different tasks, it's unlikely that you will be able to organize a full rest. And if you decide to rest, then you will be haunted with remorse for the fact that time is running out, and you will not get used to work. Also, do not constantly scroll in the head of those or other working moments. Let the weekend be the time of rest from work, in fact in this case by Monday you will gather forces and with new forces will rush into battle! And the efficiency of your work will be much higher, and you will have much more time than you would have done in the past two days at home.

Weekend in the city

How to spend a weekend in the city? For this case, there are many ideas. Begin by studying the city's billboard - perhaps in the movies or theaters there is a film or a play that you have been going to see for a long time. Or maybe it's time to buy a few updates for yourself or your family? Then you should visit the shopping center, where you can not only buy everything you need, but also have a bite before further adventures. Those who think how to spend the weekend with children can be advised to go to the zoo or circus, watch an interesting cartoon at the cinema, seize it with popcorn and wash down with juice, or visit a game center with an abundance of entertainment, the sweetheart of any child. If the weather is good outside the window, then it's time to get out into the park, take a walk and roll the kids on the rides (by the way, adults can also ride on many modern attractions, so you have plenty of adrenaline). You can also go to the skating rink or go roller-skating. You do not know how? It's never too late to learn!

And if you do not have any mood to get outfrom home and somewhere to go, then arrange yourself a real day lazy. All you need is a cozy blanket, a disc with your favorite movie and a plate of something tasty. Such home weekends can be held both alone and together with the family - this will further bring all household members together.

Nature weekend

How to spend a weekend in nature? Of course, this pastime is more focused on the summer months, although if you want to get out of the city you can in any weather (except rain and heavy frost) - there will always be something to do. In winter, you can ski, play snowballs and sculpt snowmen - this is an excellent option for a family weekend, which will be remembered for a long time by both small and grown-ups. In the spring you can search for the first flowers and collect bouquets, admire the awakening of nature and rejoice that the winter with its snow and frosts is behind! Autumn is a great time for the most beautiful and vivid photographs on the background of a golden-fire carpet of leaves. If you are still thinking about how to spend a weekend with friends or with your family, then traveling out of town is what you need. You can rent a house on a suburban recreation center or even organize a two-day trek with an overnight stay in tents, and you can get out for one day - in any case a portion of good mood and cheerfulness is provided to you! And for fans of outdoor activities, a bike ride or even horseback riding is perfect.

Weekends with your loved one

How to spend a weekend with your loved one? You can arrange a real day of lovers, without waiting for February 14. Go to a cafe or have a romantic dinner at home, pamper each other with pleasant surprises and once again confess your love. And even if your chosen one is not particularly sentimental and romantic, such a weekend will not leave him indifferent. You can also go out together with your beloved and just wander through the park alleys, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. If you have similar musical tastes, you can go to a concert of your favorite artist.

Although you can not spend your weekend with your loved one at allleaving the house. A pleasant film on DVD, a joint preparation of lunch or dinner, a relaxing bath, candles and confessions of love - this weekend you and your loved one will want to repeat again and again!