Yesterday everything was fine, but today there wasthe feeling that the relationship is like flowing through the fingers of water. This frightens, and many women are lost in conjecture and think that the reason for cooling relations was razluchnitsa. But how do you know that a husband is cheating and have chances to cope with the problem?

The main feature

When the husband changes, the time you spendtogether, is reduced. After all, for a new relationship, not even minutes but hours are needed. And he borrows this watch from your "general fund." Delays at work, fishing with friends, unexpected business trips. Of these, the husband can return tanned, although he seems to have traveled north. How do you know that your husband is cheating on you?

how to find out what the husband is changing

Before observations. Reflect

Before buying spy equipment andgo to the sites of private detectives, think carefully about whether you really need it. Sometimes the question of how to understand if a husband changes, it is pointless to ask. After all, if you are not able alone to provide for yourself and children, you need to sit quietly on the water and below the grass. Because the sense of guilt of the "breadwinner" almost one hundred percent will not work. Therefore, consider whether your professional skills are good, whether you will have enough money for at least rental housing, food and clothing. And before you start looking for evidence, tackle the problem of material security for yourself and children.

What will be required

how to find out what your husband is changing

Let's say that you decided to live "poorly, but proudly." How do you know that the husband is cheating? Include the head and apply the techniques that are used by special services. Do not rush to buy a bug in the phone and hack into the e-mail of her husband. You will only need an account on the site where you can hide your entries with a password. You must think through the tracking system that you will follow every day. In the record, you will enter all the suspicious facts. How to find out what the husband is changing, for sure?

Data speak for itself

What are suspicious facts? Lies about trifles, when telling lies is not necessary. A person is so used to lie in a big way, which transfers this habit to trifles. Usually, if you are constantly lying, this is the first sign of the destruction of relations. Also very suspicious look discontinued in your presence, telephone conversations. Prolonged sitting on the Internet, especially if sites are folded when you come up. And if these sites are porn, it's not so scary. Perhaps these are dating sites, where your beloved cheats a lot of girls, seeming to be single and creating an imaginary image.

Substitute your opponent

All suspicious facts must be recordedeveryday. Sooner or later you will find an obvious puncture, and then you can present the husband with a whole complex of evidence. And you can play a trick on your husband, for example, hire a boy on call, so he seduced her husband's passion by making a photo or even a video. And then anonymously send the spouse data. Ugly? But effectively, and at the same time humiliate the encroached on your loved one. In the battle for her husband, all methods are good.

how to understand if the husband is changing

How do you know that the husband is cheating? The question is not entirely correct. After all, there is a positive option: it does not change. But you still need to solve problems in relationships, you have to change yourself and make your relationship more interesting and rich if you want to keep them.