Many believe, even convinced, that friendship betweenwomen are not and can not be. Especially men are sure of it. Well, and in vain. Girlfriends can not only gossip about their friends, talk about clothes and other nonsense. They are interested in each other's joys and sorrows and sincerely share them. But sometimes a woman's sex is excessively talkative and says something that should be kept quiet. What questions can you ask your friend about, and what better not to ask?

What questions can I ask my friend?

Let's start with what it is better not to ask:

- about intimate relationships, in particular, about sex, sexual problems, former and true partners, lovers, husbands;

- about earnings, savings, passwords, etc., especially in cases where you work in one place, this involuntarily leads to thoughts about evil intent;

- about the problems that have come down to you from third parties, you do not need to "step on a sick callus", especially if the person does not want to voice it.

what interesting questions can I ask

What questions can I ask my friend:

- you can ask about hobbies, it suddenly turns out that you have something in common, it will help to get closer;

- discuss her outfit, the slenderness of the figure, and generally a good appearance, she will most likely be pleased with your attention, but, most importantly, do not overdo it;

- talk about children, because they always have something to tell, you can about pets, for lack of children;

- ask to talk about how to spend your vacation, then there is practically no need to strain about what interesting questions can be asked, because rest is always pleasant memories;

- about cooking, discussing several delicious recipes.

Close friends

what questions can you ask a person

There are neutral themes, you can talk about them withany, even with a friend. In this situation, one point is important. It is advisable to distinguish between what issues should be discussed with a good friend, and what questions can be asked to a person who is not too close to you. But with a real friend you can talk about everything without exception. People close in spirit should not have secrets from each other. Virtually every girl or woman has a best friend.

What questions can you ask a friend you think is the best:

- she and only she will tell you the truth about your attire, even if it is not very pleasant, because it is more visible from the outside, it's hard to judge about such things;

- she can ask how to act in this or that situation concerning your personal life, as she is aware of the events and can give an objective advice;

- with her you can consult about the choice of a gift to relatives, she will certainly tell something sensible, because she knows many personally;

- only she will tell you the truth about your cooking, and it will not become so easy to praise everything, indicate the flaws and help fix the situation, providing useful recipes;

- only a close friend will help you pass the time with benefit for yourself, advising which books really worth reading, what music to listen to.

What questions can I ask my friend?

If the girlfriend is actually close, then she is likenative person. She can be trusted. And, most likely, you will not have to think about what questions you can ask your friend, because your own souls feel each other.