Wedding is a significant event, thanks towhich lovers become one family. But the path to it is sometimes very long and thorny, and not everyone is able to overcome it. After all, it happens that a person is looking for his soul mate, but she does not appear on the horizon. And, it would seem, there is no hope, but then the matchmaker comes to the rescue.

Well, let's talk about who the matchmaker is. Is it a profession or position? Or maybe it's a calling? We will understand what is the duty of this person, and what should be expected of it.

matchmaker this

Matchmaker - who is this?

Let's start with the simplest - the interpretation. It should be noted that the meaning of the word matchmaker very blurry. In the sense that you can find a number of differences in the modern matchmaker in comparison with her ancient colleague. And yet, both the first and the second are engaged in the reduction of pairs. Consolidation? By no means!

Matchmaker is a marriage diplomat, negotiatorbetween two families. Her job is to select the most successful candidates who can build a strong union. In this case, love is not always a primary criterion.

Matchmakers in Russia

In Russia there was a period when parents held their owndaughters under strict supervision. Especially it concerned representatives of noble families, as well as beautiful girls. To get through to them the guys themselves simply could not, so they needed help from the outside. The role of the parliamentarian fell on the shoulders of the matchmakers.

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Most often it was a woman from the same city orvillage, whose reputation and ability to speak were at the highest level. It was a free matchmaker, at least, her services did not have a fixed price. And yet, for a successful matchmaking, she was often presented with small presents.

Over the years, the control of parents was not sosevere, and young people could build relationships on their own. But the services of matchmakers were still popular, moreover, over time they grew into a tradition. And today a rare wedding takes place without the participation of a matchmaker.

What is the responsibility of the matchmaker?

The first thing a matchmaker is an intermediary between twofamilies. On this occasion there is even a saying: "We have goods, but you have a merchant". Partly the process of matchmaking is reminiscent of bidding, thanks to which the value of partners was determined.

The matchmaker had to advertise, for example,the groom. Show his best qualities, talk about what he managed to achieve and how to become a husband. As for the bride, here the conversation was about the size of the dowry, the ability to prepare young, handle, manage households and so on.

In this case, the matchmaker is obliged to give an accurate, reliableinformation, or else her reputation will be completely ruined. Although sometimes one side entices her to his side, but this is, rather, an exception to the general rule, rather than regularity.

Modern matchmaker

Progress is the key definition of the 21st century, andto survive at this time, you need to be able to adapt to the new order. Modern matchmakers are very different from their predecessors. And although their main task is still the selection of successful couples, the methods for achieving this have become slightly different.

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First, from the grandmother-all-knowing, they turned into a business lady. All services have a fixed price and are indicated in the price list, so that customers can always keep a record of their expenses.

Secondly, finding a matchmaker is now quite simple. Most of them work in marriage agencies, less often - they do business at home. For advanced users who are eager to find their half, there are special online services, which also include services matchmaker.

Thirdly, thanks to the Internet, the search for a partner is notis limited to a certain region. In the arsenal of established matchmakers often there are questionnaires of people from different corners of the planet. So, with a great desire, you can find a partner not only in Russia, but also abroad.

As for that, is the modern matchmakerprofession or it is, rather, a vocation, then it is quite difficult to give an unambiguous answer. After all, by and large, special education is not needed here, and yet without knowledge of psychology and the ability to talk harmoniously clearly will not work.