Romantic relationships are not always built like this,as we would like. The fervor diminishes, the interest disappears and young people start to think about how to quit the girl. This only at first glance seems simple. But in fact, everything is not so simple ... Tears, tantrums and at times unpredictable girlish tricks often accompany the process of parting. To minimize these unpleasant scenes as much as possible, it does not hurt to know how to throw the girl right.

To begin with it is worth making sure that this,indeed, your true desire and regret about it then do not have to. Well, then you need to muster the courage and take a decisive step. In this case, do not forget the golden rule of parting: "Throw the girl should be so that it does not hold evil against you." Believe me, this is very important. Excessive conflicts, troubles and people against you at the present time are not needed by anyone. It is not easy to keep friendly relations after separation, but it is possible. And if the guy you are reasonable, that's what you try to do. At the same time, keep in mind that it will depend on you how painful and offensive the representative of the fair sex will be. To offend and insult her is not worth it. It will not be easier for anyone.

Do not think about how to quitgirl, trying to find ways to escape from direct conversation with her and do it, as they say "behind her back." And although this is not at all simple, frank conversation with her tet-a-tet or "eye to eye" is the right way to solve this problem. Learn to be bold always and in everything. And no matter how your ex-girlfriend hurts, eventually she will appreciate it. Reproaches and displeasure at such a time are not the best helpers. Do not tell the girl that the reason for parting lies in her, and that her quibbles you just got. It is better to "take a hit on yourself," explaining to her that the reason lies only in you, and her guilt in parting is gone. Let the girl think that you are not a regular person and it will be difficult for you to maintain a relationship with any of the fair sex for a long time.

Think about every step and word in the decisionThe question is how to quit a girl. And you must decide for yourself how to build the process of parting: do it quickly, simply telling the girl about your firm decision to part or give her time to think about what you have said and try to brighten up the unpleasant words with your actions: comforting gestures (for example, stroking your hand), affectionate words, etc. This is where you have to decide yourself. The council in this situation is difficult to give, if only because it would not hurt to know about your temperamental characteristics and the features of the girl.

The thought of how to leave a girl does not leave you yet? Then a few more small tips. Once and for all, firmly understand that if you still decide to part, in no case should you let the girl hope that you can still return. Certainly it is worth persuading her that there is no way back and there can not be, and that your decision is firm and irrevocable. If a girl in the hope of you to periodically call, be rude and rude not to throw pipes - as well. Speak with her gently and patiently, but each time let her know that today - you are her only friend. On the proposals to meet also gently, but convincingly report that it is impossible and absolutely to nothing. Your firmness and inflexibility are your faithful assistants in this case. Over time, the hope of your ex-girlfriend will fade and the calls will stop.

Well, in conclusion, I want to say that by adoptinga firm and unyielding decision to break off relations with your lover, think about how to throw a girl beautifully. Yes, yes, it's beautiful. Any act of a real man should be just like that. It will be 1: 0 in your favor ...