All the best in life happens, as a rule,just one time. That's the rite of the wedding according to the church laws, too, should be held only once, and before this, you need to think carefully, since not all priests are being debunked. The wedding procedure itself has many nuances, so you need to be ready and all of them to learn.

In our time, the wedding ceremony is notbut many young families want to certify their marriage not only by registering with the registry office, but also before the Lord. We somehow decided that the wedding is the oldest rite, but in fact it is not. Long ago in Russia young families were not married, but only exchanged rings, and the wedding ceremony was borrowed from the Byzantines.

There are two wedding ceremonies, viz.Orthodox and Catholic. We will dwell in more detail on the Orthodox form of this ceremony, but we want to mention the Catholic one. For Catholics wedding and marriage are equivalent concepts and make up one whole. The bride and groom usually have several witnesses, the witnesses are dressed in identical dresses. The bride is brought into the temple by the father and leads her to the altar, since it is he who must "transfer" her into new hands. Sometimes the father is replaced by another person who cares for her.

Now let's take a closer look at the Orthodoxwedding ceremony, which is more typical for our country. A wedding ceremony is held in the church, it represents both the sacrament and enlightenment. According to the instructions of the church for the rite should be prepared, namely, to fast, pray, commune and repent.

Age, from which the church allows to enter intomarriage, for men and women different, 18 and 16 years respectively. Since the marriage does not have legal force, it is possible to conduct the rite only after the official registration.

They make up the wedding ceremony - betrothal, wedding,the permission of the wreaths, as well as the thanksgiving prayer. The bride and groom should face the altar: the groom on the right side, the bride on the left. The priest, coming out of the altar, must bless the young three times. The young family should have candles and crosses. Candles act as a symbol of light and joy, so they should burn throughout the rite.

Betrothal takes place inside the temple, where the groom andThe bride is introduced by the priest. The sacrament of the wedding begins with the reading of prayers, after which the priest puts on young rings. One ring is worn by the husband, it should be gold, and the second, for the bride - silver. But then the young change their rings three times, and as a result, the golden ring goes to the bride, and the silver ring to the husband. After this, the wedding begins.

Young people get on white (you can).pink) carpet, while in their hands they hold lit candles. After the young ones answered the priest's questions, he reads the prayers and shines with the crowns of the bride and groom. The Gospels are read.

After that, the newlyweds drink from the bowl withred wine for three small sips, at first it is done by the husband, and then by the wife. The common cup symbolizes a common destiny, joy and sorrow. At the end of the rite, the young couple fasten their union with a kiss.

There are some features that followtake into account that the marriage was happy. If you perform a wedding ceremony, the priest knocks, the candles go out and other signs appear, then it is better not to get married, since the marriage will be unsuccessful. The most significant sign will be if a dead person is brought to the church during the wedding, since it is believed that he spoils the bright aura of the young.

It should be ensured that behind the backsyoung were not standing next to three same-sex people. Only baptized people should get married, since during the rite they should be called by the names given at the baptism.

After the ceremony, all the present attributes, including the wedding dress, should be preserved. Since in case of trouble they will act as a kind of amulets, to which one can turn for help.