Grooms at all times was not easy: not only did he make an offer, gave a ring, dared to go to the registrar to file a statement with his beloved, so now they do not give the bride another! Everyone is perfectly familiar with this phenomenon, which is called "redemption of the bride." But for the bridegrooms, this always remains a difficult test, before which they are terribly worried and worried.

About Traditions

Redemption of the bride is an old beautiful tradition,the purpose of which was not only to have fun and amuse the neighbors. This action carries a deeper meaning for the newlyweds. Few people today think about where this tradition came from and why it is needed. The ransom of the bride is intended to convey to the groom's consciousness, what happiness he receives, that he gets it not just so, but through great efforts. Then he will appreciate his beloved more. And she, in turn, will love him more for the deeds done for her.

All the action, usually, unfolds next tothe whereabouts of the bride. It can be like her apartment, or any other place (restaurant, cafe, gazebo in the park or girlfriend's apartment). We can say that the ransom of the bride is a kind of theatrical performance, in which all present are present, including neighbors on the balcony and just passers-by.

The most important task is for everyone to have fun, andthe groom remained in a good mood. Therefore, it is important to make such tasks for the groom and his retinue, with whom they would have coped without much difficulty! After all, no one was happy about the failure at their own wedding.

How to redeem a bride

In order to get an unusual ransombride, you, dear bridesmaids, you will need an original script. Again, looking through the resources of the ubiquitous Internet, you will find many different scenarios. However, as practice shows, the same competitions are included there. Zaezheno and uninteresting!

In fact, using my wit andfantasy, you can come up with the script yourself, given the overall style of the wedding. For example, if your wedding is in a gangster style, then during the ransom you can arrange gangster "disassembly" (of course, without sacrifice!). And if you chose a romantic wedding style, then the scenario "in search of treasure" is quite suitable.


Somehow I had to go in the role of a friendsay, "work" is not easy!) from my childhood friend. As well as it is necessary to the best girlfriend, I wanted, that it was the most original redemption of the bride. Looking through the day before all the possible options, I came across this scenario "in search of treasure." He seemed to me the most interesting and unencumbered. The essence of it is that the groom, when they appear, give out a piece of the card with which he can find the other pieces, and, collecting them together, find out the whereabouts of his beloved. Well, who in childhood did not play in the "Treasure Island"! In this case, the bride of course, should not be at home, otherwise it will be uninteresting (the groom knows where his beloved lives!). You can hide the bride from the neighbors, or even hold the whole event outdoors in the park, and put the bride in a beautiful gazebo, closed with white fabrics.

On the first passage of the map,where the groom and his suite are waiting for one of the bridesmaids who can make a puzzle or suggest another task, after which the groom gets a clue where to look for the next passage.

It is desirable that all actions are organizedin a small area near the whereabouts of the bride. And if she still can watch her beloved, then the mood will definitely be wonderful for everyone!

In this case, the main thing is that the "treasure hunters" do not lose track of time and are not late in the registry office by the time of registration!