Determined, with whom to bind their own destiny? And maybe even in search, but you want to think over everything, so that the conclusion of marriage became memorable for a lifetime during the day? There are many criteria for choosing the date of the wedding. Remember: you decide on what month it is better to marry, not just one, but with a future husband, so you can dream and think, of course, but the final conclusion is made by the council consisting of the two of you.

Why fall?

what month is better to get married

Choosing a wedding date, perhaps this is your firstjoint choice. Traditionally, the wedding time was considered to be autumn - the period of harvest, abundance and receipt of money earned for the agricultural year. People were determined to be generous. Thinking about which month it is better to marry, usually chose one of the autumn ones.


Is it worth to attach great importance to the choicemonths in our time? If you are financially ready, then the wedding can be paid in any month. If both of you are believing people, do not schedule a celebration for March - at this time in Orthodoxy the Great Lent is observed. Even atheist doctors admit that this is not the best time to conceive a possible child. If pregnancy is already a fact, then there is not always a choice in which month it is better to marry.

About the color of the dress

Excellent photos can be obtained at any timeof the year. But it is necessary to select the color of the dress with the mind. In winter, the brides in red look luxurious, in spring - in white with a bluish tint, in autumn - in classic white, and in summer - in dresses of silvery or golden shades. Of course, in winter and early spring it is more difficult to choose a place for a walk in the street, but there is also beauty in these pores of the year. Does it make any sense at all what month it is better to marry? If you are practical, pragmatic and critical to astrology and superstitions, even the month of May will not scare you (despite all the signs).

The groom on the horizon?

how to get married after 30

And what if you have not decided on the candidate? Of course, visualization and positive thinking raise the mood, but problems do not solve. How to get married after 30? To begin the decision of this task costs from moving to a city which is more than yours, and also with expansion of a circle of contacts. You can try in parallel to start looking for a future spouse through international dating sites. Very many marry overseas men and are happy.

Far happiness

How to marry an American? First of all, consider in detail and formulate what you can give your future spouse. If so far, little, acquire skills and knowledge that can change it. And then put your data on paid or free dating sites. In the profile, you should focus on what you can offer, not on your requirements. But only without lying - in the States this is a bad tone. A business friendly approach will help you stand out from the multitude of candidates trying to attract grooms with phrases like "I like to cook and travel."

how to marry an American

If you want to marry an American, learn to bebright and active woman. Gray mice in the United States become wives of people unremarkable. And behind every rich and intelligent man is an enterprising, strong and active wife.