Calico wedding is the first anniversary of the youngfamilies. Over the past time, the husband and wife had to get used to each other and learn to be a "team", in which there is mutual understanding and support. In the couple's relationship, romantic moods are replaced by more serious and mundane feelings, but they are still so fragile ... That's why this jubilee was named after a thin and quickly wearing material - chintz. They celebrate the event in the family circle, relatives and close friends, however, for them it is often a problem what to give to the cotton wedding.

what to give for a cotton wedding

First joint date

The first humble jubilee is not celebratedluxuriously and in a big way, like the first wedding. But these are only conventions, and each couple is free to celebrate the event as it wants. You can, for example, organize dinner in a restaurant, in a country club, in a bowling alley or in a karaoke bar. Today traditions are not honored as they were before, so why not mention the "chintz" so that it will be remembered, like a wedding celebration. Regardless of the breadth of the festival, guests should come to him with gifts.

Choosing gifts

original gift for a cotton wedding

What to give to a cotton wedding, dependssolely on the wishes and opportunities of the guest. However, earlier on such jubilees it was customary to bring calico products of home textiles. This is all that relates to bedding, curtains, towels and handkerchiefs. This tradition is due to the fact that the family only acquires its own property, and underwear is the most necessary thing in it. If a couple has a baby, then the question of what to give to a cotton wedding, is solved simply - sets of underwear, diapers and other dowry, necessary for the baby. Still it is possible to present utensils, pots or household appliances. But they, as a rule, are bought only by close relatives, and even then in agreement with the perpetrators of the celebration.

Greetings to her husband with a cotton wedding

Congratulations from relatives and friends - this is the thing you needand good. But the husband and wife should congratulate each other, which is more intimate and intimate. Once upon a time, the husband had to present her husband with a cotton headscarf as a gift for a cotton wedding. Nowadays this is quite an original gift for a cotton wedding, since the wives are busy at work the same way as their husbands. There is no time for needlework, although if you find it and still learn how to embroider, then the husband will be doubly happy - after all, men are so fond of women who sacrifice for them. However, embroidery can also be replaced with a beautiful handkerchief bought in stores with goods from the hand-made series.

congratulations to the husband with a cotton wedding

What to give for a cotton wedding: more options

But no one forbids his wife to do completelyanother gift to his man, and it is not necessary that he was material, the main thing is a sign of attention and received emotions. Give him a romantic date (as before, before the wedding), dinner at the restaurant, arrange a movie screening at home or outside, or order an exclusive congratulation by contacting special event agencies. Modern "cotton" jubilees in most cases and spend: specialists on holidays arrange such theme parties, which then all the participants remember for a long time.