It's no secret that every bride is waiting for her dateweddings with sinking heart. It's no wonder - she will remember this magic day for a lifetime, and so you want the celebration to be perfect! And for this, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance, because there is a lot of hassle.

It is necessary to write a list of guests, order a suitable onerestaurant and choose dishes from the menu, find a decent photographer and videographer, print and send invitations, buy a dress, rings ... However, first of all you need to decide on the style of the wedding, because it will depend on almost everything: the decoration of the hall, and the decoration of tables, and decoration invitations, and elements of the attire of the bride and groom, and flowers in the wedding bouquet. Today one of the most fashionable destinations is a rustic wedding. It is about him and we propose to talk below.

Interesting style

What is it - a rustic wedding style? In Latin, "rustic" means simple, rural, uncouth. But do not think that it will be a raucous village wedding with tables and benches in the yard, with hand-written posters and carpets hung everywhere and a drunken neighbor as a toastmaster. No, the rustic wedding is elegant, homely and incredibly beautiful! It simply does not have the traditional pomposity and excessive luxury.

wedding in rustic style
Particularly important here are the details that makeThe holiday is both warm and very refined. Thus, the design of a rustic wedding involves the use of natural materials and wildflowers. The celebration requires an outdoor ceremony and a celebration in a restaurant with a wooden interior and as close as possible to the guests to a pristine, magnificent in its perfection nature. And, of course, you should play such a wedding in the warm season.

However, let's not run ahead and consider all the nuances in turn.


Let's start with the most important - with attirebride. So, what is hidden under the concept of "dress in the style of rustic"? It excludes an abundance of lower skirts, dozens of hoops and should not look like a biscuit cake with cream. Rustic dress - it's simplicity and elegance, flying airy fabrics such as crepe de chine, handmade lace. His cut may even look like a sarafan. The bride in this dress looks refined, weightless and innocent.

wedding in rustic style photo
Of course, shoes should be in harmony withclothing, so it is better to choose simple shoes at low speed or simple ballet flats. All kinds of rhinestones, stones and sequins are inappropriate here. Of course, the groom also should not be in a strict suit with a tie, gold cuff links and patent leather shoes. His outfit for such a wedding is light light jeans and a shirt, you can even in combination with a vest, and moccasins are good as shoes.


The bride's hair style assumes simplicity and lightness. No adjusted curls and ornate curls! Better if the hair is loose, you can slightly curl it. Wonderful will look and braids. And, of course, instead of the once popular tiara, studded with "jewels", it is worth taking a beautiful weightless bezel or weaving flowers into flowers, or even wearing a real field wreath. But as accessories, old beads or vintage necklaces and earrings are suitable.


Now about the bouquet of the bride. A rustic wedding does not accept spoiled greenhouse plants. Orchids, roses, or orange blossoms will not do. The bouquet should be made of simple field flowers: cornflowers, chamomiles, lilies of the valley, bells.

wedding decoration in rustic style
You can use pions and chrysanthemums, and inas separate decorative elements - twigs with berries or stripes of moss. It is better not to wrap a bouquet with a satin ribbon, but, for example, with string or sackcloth. The only nuance - the field flowers are not too persistent, so it is better to dip the bridal bouquet every couple of hours into a container with cool water.

Rustic invitation

Here, too, we need a special approach, becauseInvitations should harmoniously intertwine in the general direction of the wedding. Moreover, it is for them and they will judge the style of celebration of the guests to whom they are intended. Not bad, if the text will be placed on paper in the form of birch bark or tree bark. A perfect option - invitations handmade, decorated with sacking, wooden buttons, wheat spikes or country lace.


Of course, a rustic wedding involvesand a special design of the venue for the celebration. It is best to spend it in nature, choosing a rural landscape, for example, a meadow or a forest edge, hay stumps, wildflowers and grass ... But if there is no such opportunity, this is not a reason for despair! A restaurant with its own landscaped area is also suitable.

Rustic invitation
Only before you order it, you needmake sure that the interior decoration of the halls is not too pathetic - for the style of rustic stucco columns with gilding, an abundance of drapery and red carpets will not do. Great, if the rooms are decorated with wood or stone. There is also a certain color range, which must be adhered to, choosing a wedding in a rustic style.

wedding style rustic
First of all, these are gentle shades: cream, light green, light blue, pink ... It is also appropriate to use bright accents: yellow, red, cornflower blue. But remember that in the priority - light tone, as they will help to recreate the atmosphere of naturalness. In the decoration of the hall under the full program you can use natural materials and some objects of rural life. So, for the entourage, ornaments from birch bark, sackcloth, chintz are good.

rustic dress
You can harmoniously fit into the interior of a wooden barrel, old books, black and white photographs, Ikebana from branches. But on the shiny materials, gold and silver, bright fabrics are taboo.

Tips for design

If an exit ceremony is planned, for the stylerustic is perfectly suited arch, woven from branches and leaves, under which will stand young during the utterance of wedding vows. However, the picturesque spreading tree, to which the track, decorated on either side by pots or even jars of flowers, will also be a wonderful match. A very original decision - to use as "chairs" for guests arms of straw, carefully covered with a cotton cloth with a small floral print.

On the tables in a restaurant it is better to put dishes withpastoral pattern, find napkins, decorated for antiquity. For dessert, homemade cakes are perfect: shortbread cookies, grated pie, and compotes and juices can be poured into krynki, similar to those that were used in villages for sour cream and milk.

As a present for guests it would be nice to prepare small decorative jars with honey, jam or jam, tied at the neck with a ribbon or a piece of linen cloth.

A small conclusion

Here, perhaps, and all that is necessary to know the couple,which pleased the wedding in the style of rustik. Photos from such a holiday are staggering with its elegance and warm energy, and the guests will surely be stunned by the beauty of the ceremony. So dare, do not be afraid of experiments, show imagination, think through the details, and your wedding will certainly go perfectly and will be remembered for many years! We wish you success!