Treason is ugly in any of its manifestations, regardless of who, to whom and how changed. Women upset the infidelity of her husband, men are beaten out of the rut by a walking wife.

what to do if my wife has changed
What to do if my wife has changed

When such a grief occurs in a family, one can notgive in to emotions, although it is quite difficult. It is better to retire, calm down and think about everything carefully. Sometimes deceived husbands chop up the heat, do things and say words that hurt even unfaithful wives. And the worst thing is that what is done in anger can not be changed, and it does not in any way color the person.

If you convicted your wife of infidelity:

  1. Get out. You can not go to bars, friends, and even more so to friends. Alcohol will not help, but will only exacerbate the situation.
  2. Understand your feelings for your wife, in those that you experienced before, when you did not know the bad news. This will help to understand how precious this person is to you.
  3. Weigh all possible ways of reconciliation and changing the situation. To partake is much easier than trying to stay together.
  4. If this offense has hurt you so much thatit is impossible to think about continuing the relationship, then try at least worthy to get out of this situation. Do not poison yourself with a life of hatred and anger toward a person who does not deserve any emotion at all.
  5. Find out what caused the infidelity. If elementary debauchery - better to part. If the wife has fallen in love, think, it could very well have happened to you, you need and you can fight for her return to the family.

return your loved one
Female Reason Causes

The woman's betrayal of two persons: the first - unsightly - is debauchery and a propensity for infidelity, both in the presence of a beloved man and in his absence, the second person is falling in love. Most often, wives betray their husbands because they met another person. It can be like a sincere belief that this is her only, and indeed a real second half. Not everyone and not always marry for love, and sometimes they meet her much later, already being burdened with family ties.

What if my wife has changed? Base your actions on what was the reason for her infidelity. There are marriages in which infidelity never happens, but there are also those in which the spouses give each other complete freedom. Muslims accept polygamy; in the north, among the local population, families can be found where one wife has several husbands. The Swedish family still has a place to be. Do not panic and look around with an ounce. You can not listen to other people's advice, only your heart and mind will help to find a true way out of this situation.

female betrayal
Return the person you love

What if my wife has changed? Understand the reason for what happened, forgive her and bring her back to the family. Many men are very sensitive to women's infidelity. They break off relations, abandon their wives, and then, a little later, they themselves come to put up. We must always give our women a second chance, parting is a thing that can cross out everything. My wife has already tried another world, without you, and who knows: you turn away from her, perhaps she will be happy there. If your love for her is the strongest, then you know what to do. If the wife has changed, you can go on a doubtful path of revenge, and you can forgive each other and live happily ever after.