They say that there are people who do notlove to kiss. I sincerely do not understand them and even sympathize with them, since this lesson is not only useful, but also damn pleasant. There are many theories of the origin of the kiss, but the most romantic belongs to the famous philosopher Plato. His theory is: before man looked like a ball with two heads (male and female), four hands and four legs. However, this creature was too arrogant, and angry Zeus divided it into "female" and "male" halves. The connection took place only through a kiss. Although initially Zeus did not plan that this action will bring pleasure. It turns out that he was wrong.

What does a kiss mean?

According to one of the most plausible hypotheses, thisthe action is correlated with the process of feeding. In both human and animal life, mothers fed their cubs, pushing tongue-chewed food into their mouths. Modern researchers consider this process the prototype of the French kiss. In the Old Slavonic language, the verb "kisses" meant "to greet", and the adjective "tsliyi" was most often used in the meaning "healthy". So the kiss was in Russia a form of greeting. From there, the modern meaning of the verb "to kiss" also went. If in doubt, then remember the fairy tales in which this action was health-magical in nature: the frogs turned into princesses, and the sleeping beauties woke up and got married.

what does the kiss mean

What does a kiss mean in different countries?

The primitive tribes of Oceania and Africa are not evenknew about it before the emergence of their cheeky Europeans. The peoples of Asia in this respect, everything is very difficult. For example, at the end of the 19th century, the Japanese kissed without witnesses and only in a fit of passion. Until the middle of the 20th century, kissing on the street was considered a violator of public order and fined. Corresponding scenes from Western films were cut out, and the famous Rodenovsky "Kiss" was not allowed to the exposition. And until now, the Japanese put in a kiss only an erotic sense. What does a kiss mean for Europeans? Well, everything is simple here. After all, it was in France that the famous kiss of the same name appeared, which can be called the fusion of souls. Europeans kiss a lot and regularly. Most often they greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. Do not less kiss in the US. Prior to her marriage, the average American woman does this approximately 80 times.

which means kissing a guy


For many girls, the question of what a guy's kiss means is very relevant. We will try to answer it. So, what does the kiss of the young man mean in different parts of the body:

  • On the lips - your companion loves you very much.
  • In the neck - a gentle touch of her lips to her speaks about what a person wants to possess with passion for you.

what do kisses in your nose mean

  • In the nose - this touch shows that you are very nice to him. By the way, the question of what kisses mean in the nose, in recent times one can hear more often than others about this action.
  • In the arm - veneration, respect and friendship.
  • On the cheek - with this kiss the partner says that he is grateful that you are, and that he needs you very much.
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