Outbound registration is a great way to make your wedding different from others. How can you make the celebration special?

outside registration

Outbound registration: advantages

First, you can choose a place inwhich you will bind yourself by marriage. If you live in a small city, and the registry office can not boast of exquisite design, you can easily choose another room for the ceremony. After all, a wedding is a holiday that you want to spend perfectly. So that everything up to the smallest details created an atmosphere of romance, happiness and luxury. Do you want to swear an oath of loyalty in a romantic gazebo? Do you dream of marrying on the beach? Or in some luxurious institution? No problems.

Secondly, not everyone likes the "bride parade"about the REGISTRY OFFICE. Wedding - a very personal holiday, in which the future wife wants to feel special, the only and, of course, the most beautiful. And if around a few more brides, each of which "in full parade," it's quite difficult.

How much does an exit marriage registration cost?
Thirdly, you can create any situation. The design can be different. Do you like flowers and hearts? You are welcome! Are you from the biker party? Make everything appropriate! Organize a themed wedding? Near the registry office you will be treated almost "under the magnifying glass", and in the place you choose you can have fun enough.

Fourth, you choose a convenient time yourself. No one will rush you, and you will not worry that you detain others.

Fifthly, you yourself can choose a registrar and even participate in the creation of a solemn speech.

Sixth, if you are not too cute waltzMendelssohn, you can choose other music for registration. After all, this is your holiday, which means that you can make it what you want.

How much does an exit marriage registration cost?

If you decide that you will certainly make your ownwedding special, contact the wedding agency. Many companies offer "turnkey" services such as on-site marriage registration. The cost depends on what you order. Usually prices start from 15 thousand rubles. For example, you can choose any decorations, fireworks, holiday numbers and so on. Usually the services of various specialists are offered: decorators, leading, videographers, organizers.

off-site marriage registration cost
Even if you do not know what exactly you want, butdream of a luxurious celebration, you will be helped to choose the right program. Specially for you will be prepared speech. Also you can choose any entertainment for yourself and for the guests. For example, arrange a wedding in the style of "Scarlet Sails". Or take a boat ride. Or maybe you would like the groom to come on a white horse? All your desires and dreams can come true.

And exit registration means thatYou do not have to match stereotypes and just answer "yes" to the main question. You can joke, kiss, swear, in a word, do whatever you want. No one will limit you in the manifestation of feelings.

You can invite as many guests as you want. And "strangers" will not crowd around you in anticipation of their turn.