Relations between two people are always complex and requireconstant attention. Many men prefer not to think about it, and care for the preservation of feelings is due to the weaker sex. Someone may not like this state of affairs, and the man will have to think about how to keep the girl.

The most difficult to maintain interest in the very beginning of a relationship. During this period, people still do not know each other well.

how to hold a girl
There are some general rules of behavior that can be applied to almost all girls:

  1. Personal care. A handsome, well-groomed man undoubtedly attracts attention. If you are thinking about how to fall in love with a girl, then start by yourself. It is very important to make a good impression. You need to constantly monitor yourself. Any woman is pleased to see a worthy man next to her.
  2. Perfume. Female sense of smell is much more sensitive than masculine. A good expensive fragrance will not leave your loved one indifferent.
  3. Determination. Even the most independent women want to see in their chosen defender or just a strong man. Rid your lover of having to make decisions for you. At the same time, her opinion needs to be listened to and taken into account.
  4. Future plans. Your thoughts about the future together, voiced out loud, will certainly inspire the woman. It is very important for ladies to know that they occupy an important place in your life.
  5. Spontaneity. Thinking about how to keep a girl, remember that they all like pleasant surprises. Always listen carefully what she says. The most secret desires are usually spoken casually or in jest. Surprise and pamper your woman.
    how to fall in love
  6. Availability. How to keep the girl? Be a mystery to her, which you want to solve. Not only men are hunters, but also lovely ladies. They are also interested in finding out their chosen one gradually. Give her this opportunity.
  7. Common interests. If there are none, then discuss her hobbies. Such an interest will be appreciated.
  8. Do not forget about yourself. Every person should have a life (work, hobbies, hobbies, etc.). Do not forget to meet with friends. Thus, a woman will understand that you are a self-sufficient and versatile person.

There are times when a loved one leaves. Do not panic. Calm down and think about what you did wrong. If, after much thought, you still say "I want to return the girl," then remember a few rules.

Women do not tolerate scandalous and nervous men. Talk with your beloved calmly and judiciously. Do not rush things. Give her the chance to come to her senses and figure out the situation. A short pause in communication will give you an opportunity to think about life and how to proceed.

I want to return the girl

Do not start feeling sorry for yourself. Think about your mistakes and the reasons for parting. You need to change yourself and, if possible, get rid of the shortcomings that prevented your relationship.

How to keep a girl or return her, decideseveryone himself. Remember that all women love romance. Give gifts, flowers. Invite to the cinema, circus, theater and so on. Arrange a meeting where you once walked. Pleasant memories can awaken past feelings.