Every woman wants to be perfect for herbeloved, and in intimate relationships especially. For this it is very important to understand what men like in bed. But not every member of the stronger sex can openly talk about her sexual preferences and desires. Everyone has his own tastes and needs for sex, but there are also such things that can make you a sex goddess for any man.

what do men like in bed
Most of the fair sex do notdecide on experiments in bed, preferring proven means and poses. Strong sex, on the contrary, likes diversity. So why not try what men like in bed. After all, from the monotony, you soon get tired, and this can lead to a search for new sexual sensations in the person of another sexual partner or partner. To make a highlight, you do not need to give up your favorite posture in bed, it's enough to buy toys in specialized stores or to change the usual prelude scenario to something more unusual.

Many young people like it when a partneropenly talks about his desires and fantasies. You can write a note with the content of how you would like to do this tonight. Another option is to send sms with similar text.

postures in bed
Most girls are used to the fact that the firstthe initiative is shown by the man. But everyone has their own needs for sex, and if you have a desire, do not be afraid to take the first step, believe me, my beloved will appreciate it. Never hesitate to talk about feelings that have flooded your mind.

In addition to all this, attributed to what you likemen in bed, there is a woman's looseness and emancipation. Yes, you can be modest, but not enough to have sex in total darkness and under the blanket. Guys like to look at a beautiful female figure. Also they are pleased when the lover pays attention to their body, fully studying it.

Everyone knows that every young man wants toseem experienced in everything, but in intimate life especially. There is a wonderful excuse to make him happy and learn about his secret desires. Ask him to teach you what men like in bed. Believe me, he will appreciate it.

We all have our inmost fantasies, guys.not an exception. Share your desires with him, and he will open his own to you. It is not necessary to roll up loud scenes and hysterics, if in a sexual fantasy he will not represent you, but one of the Hollywood actresses. This is just an unattainable fantasy, which will remain so.

what do men like in bed
I like young people when their girl looks likebeautiful and sexy. And do not necessarily have a pornographic figure. For this it is enough to please yourself and his purchase of beautiful underwear.

And last but most importantly, what do you likemen in bed, this is bringing to the state of bliss his partner. If this time it did not work out, then do not show it, let alone say that he could not satisfy you. Sometimes it's better to simulate an orgasm.