"Networking - what is it?" - you ask. This is the creation of a circle of acquaintances for doing business. Each of us knows that the connection is decided by everyone. If you read the biographies of successful people, you can see that sometime someone helped them in something. Only thanks to other people they were able to become famous and rich. In this article we will talk about networking - the ability to create links and support them. Read more about this skill below.

Networking rules

The concept of "networking"

Networking - what is it? This is the creation of a network for the exchange of experience and communication, consisting of friends, relatives, acquaintances, friends of friends and their relatives.

Networking. Books dedicated to this skill:

  1. "Customers for life" (Carl Sewell). This book is ideal for those who work in the service and sales. She will teach you how to turn a casual passer-by into your regular customer. It will suit both those who are engaged in business. Networking - what is it, in your opinion? This is the most effective way to develop business.
  2. "Never eat alone other rules."networking. "The author of this book is Keith Ferraci, who believes that the key to a large and strong social network is real communication, which he defines as a search for opportunities to make other people happier.He says that to someone who really wants to reap the fruits of this occupation, you need to have real friends, not just connections.
  3. "Networking for introverts" (Zak Deborah). The author of this book has developed the principles by which introverts dealing with non-rooting should be guided.
    Networking Books

How do I search for friends?

Set a goal every day to get acquainted withone new person. It does not matter where you meet him: on the street, at work or at the store. It is necessary to get new acquaintances constantly. If you want to get acquainted with a particular person, do the preparatory work. You will need to find out where he is, where he is dining, what his hobby is. At the first conversation your future friend should understand that he needs you, and not he to you, and you can be useful to him. In a delicate form, tell us about the benefits that he will get if he makes an acquaintance with you. Get a good diary, where you can write down all the contacts, as well as hobbies, hobbies, marital status of new friends. Gradually transfer this data to the computer.

The rules of networking:

  1. Always give more than you get yourself.
  2. Look for any opportunity to help others.
  3. Get real friends.

Networking what is it

Advantages of networking:

  1. In a situation where you do not know how to help a person who asks for help, you can give him contacts of other people who will help themselves or will advise another useful person.
  2. You will have no time to be bored, because you will constantly learn something new about the business, the world that surrounds us with you, and other people.

Communications - the key to success

Every person who constantly develops and wants to know himself, is obliged to know what networking is. "What will it give?" You ask. Naturally, the opportunity to achieve financial success!