If desired, each man can take care of himselfattention of any girl. It is important only to know how to do it correctly. Expensive clothes, a car, a beautiful appearance - all this in most cases plays an important role, but still you can use other means.

How to impress the girl? All the details are important. Even the smallest. For a start, get rid of all the fears and complexes that arise when communicating with the fair sex. Do not do this - they will greatly hamper you. It is not excluded that they will cause the failure.

How to impress a girl

It is very simple to make an impression of good,kind and open person with the help of the most ordinary smile. Doing this from the heart of a person has to itself, causes interest, the desire to communicate. What if you do not know how to smile beautifully? Of course, to learn. Regular training will help to achieve a good result. The mirror will be your assistant.

Talking about how to impressgirl, you should make a big accent on the speech and manner of talking. It is desirable to speak without hurrying up, clearly, with intonation. It is recommended to include a thoracic cavity. A low voice will give you solidity.

Diction can be trained with the help of variouskind of tongue twisters, pristine purses and other things. We recommend reading and poeming poetry. They not only help improve diction, but also impress the girl. A good verse, read at the right time, is a powerful man's weapon, which not everyone can withstand.

Clothes should be stylish, preferably expensive,neat and, of course, clean. A neat appearance says a lot. The fact is that only in naive melodramas the image of a person is formed first of all by himself. In life, the primary impression is not he, but his clothes and what he owns.

How to impress the girl? An expensive car, a watch and so on, unfortunately, are an excellent means of conquering a woman's mind. Money is always important.

An expensive gift can transform you in a flashfrom boring into a real prince. What to give? It all depends on the thickness of your wallet and the way in which you are with a particular girl. In general, you can impress even the simplest flower. Any gift is attention. Remember this.

How to impress the girl? Tell her about your successes, victories, achievements. Do not you dare to cry and complain about the fact that life is too complicated and evil thing. Many men, without embarrassment, lie to the girl directly in the face. Why are they doing that? Then, they know how even the slightest exaggeration of facts can play in their favor. It's not worth lying. It's better to just look in yourself for something that is really not embarrassing to take to the show.

Impress the girl can be boldact. Yes, there really is not always a chance to pounce, but still do not miss it if you suddenly have the opportunity to prove that you are a real man. Always look into the face of danger. No one forces you to act rashly - control yourself. Remember that even if the situation turns out to be not in your favor, chances are high that the girl will appreciate your action.

How to impress the girl on the first date

The first date is the most important. Especially if you are not familiar. There should be no fear and doubt. The girl must see that you are fully in control of the situation. Do not be stingy, but do not waste money. What to talk about? More about herself. Do not talk about yourself all at once. Let there remain some mystery, which she will want to solve.