Do you consider yourself sexually educatedman? If this is true, then you and your partners are lucky. Yet this skill comes with experience. If a man in sex is far from selfish, he listens to his partner, studies his favorite caresses - he can be called sexually educated. It should be remembered that in men the pain threshold is quite low and in the weasels they are very sensitive, therefore, after trying something new, be sure to ask whether he likes it.

Laski of head and neck

How to caress a man so that he gets a maximumpleasure? It is not necessary to begin caresses from intimate places, reach them according to the principle of consistency. The caresses of the head play a huge role in creating an intimate environment.

Knowing how to properly caress a man in the neck and chest area, you can deliver an unforgettable pleasure

Pairs that have been together for a long time, oftenforget about the lips. They are very gentle and require attention from women. Spend your fingertips over the contours of your lips. How to properly caress a man and not kiss? Remember, men are very fond of kissing, and also, when the girl's skillful hands touch from the face, gently touch the nose, eyes, touch the cheeks.

One of the men's erogenous zones can becall the ears. They also love ears, and adore when they whisper in their ear compliments. How to caress a man and not bite him by the earlobe or blow slightly into the auricle? Yes it's just a crime, and to enhance the effect - kiss and caress the neck of the partner. There is nothing better than a gentle touch of the lips to the neck or the area behind the ear. Tell him compliments, men love them just like women.

Laski the upper body

In love pleasures, do not forget about your hands. Men like it when they are taken by the shoulders, it seems to testify to the recognition of their strength and masculinity. Stroke your hands in the bends on the elbows, stimulating sexual desire and desire.

Skillful hands of women know how to caress a guy in the chest zone.

An equally important part of the body in men ischest. Just like women, they love it when they pay special attention to their breasts. Do not ask yourself how to caress a man in the chest area, just grab and massage with your hands. Do not forget to also touch your lips to the body of a man, play with your tongue and teat until it becomes firm. This may take a while, but be patient. With gentle movements, massage your partner's back and sides, a special pleasure will be brought by a tightening and a slight scratching of the back during sexual intercourse. Put your hands on the guy's press, there most playfully pushing and pulling him to yourself.

Laski lower body

How to caress a guy in an intimate zone, tell himreproductive organ. Male member is a fairly gentle body and reacts to every touch. With him you need to be careful and try to give maximum pleasure to your loved one.

How to caress a man? Delicate trusting embrace of a loved one - the best caresses in the world

Not every girl will agree to oral sex. If you have already decided to make the guy nice, you know, in this process, not so much your movement as the pace is important. It should be incremental, if you want to prolong the pleasure, you should click on the tip of the penis and the moment of climax will be delayed. Touch the man's thighs, and even squeeze them lightly. They very much stimulate caresses with bodies, they are more likely to be carried out in a missionary position. In addition to receiving a simultaneous orgasm is more likely in this position.

A woman should remember that all members of the opposite sex are individual, and how to caress a man, we learn only in the process, studying a partner.