Many people know the expression "bear your cross." The meaning of phraseology, people who use it, also probably represent. For those who have not heard of it once, and also would like to become acquainted with the history of its occurrence, and this article is written.

The Way of Christ to Calvary

to bear the cross the meaning of phraseology

Let's start with the origin. Naturally, this expression ("bear your cross") refers us to the biblical story of how the Son of God was condemned to death. Jesus, as you know, himself carried his cross. His way was difficult and painful, but he still mastered the road, drank a bitter cup to the bottom. This is the origin of the expression "bear your cross." The meaning of phraseology will be revealed further.


For example, a person does not have the easiest period inlife. All somehow fell at the same time. Each of us is experiencing a state where one does not want to live. And then a friend or friend, trying to cheer up the hero, says to him: "Be strong, old man, you must bravely carry your cross." The meaning of phraseology is clarified by considering its origin.

the importance of phraseology to bear the cross expression

In principle, if you read the story of Christdirectly (not all, of course, but only that part of it where there is a way to Golgotha), in general, from such support it is possible to completely sour. At Jesus, everything ended pitifully: he delivered the instrument of his tortures, then died indecent for that time death on the cross (thus ending life in those days in time only slaves).

Indeed, if you think so, everything is dim. But there was still ascension. Thus, Christ suffered not senselessly, not absurdly, but for the sake of a great goal - to save all mankind, to give ourselves as a sacrifice for the sins of people.

Of course, for someone who knows Russian well,but did not hear anything about the biblical story, the expression "bear your cross" (the meaning of phraseology - in the process of disclosure) will only appear as a symbol of the courageous transfer of difficulties and sufferings. It will be this sense to read from this saying, because the people around him believe so.

Cleansing fire of suffering

what does it mean to bear your cross

But not everything was so optimistic for thethe prophet. When Christ preached, he faithfully believed in what he said. However, having passed through all the trials, even he doubted himself, in faith and even in God. Not without reason on the cross Jesus exclaimed: "Father, why did you leave me!"

About this phrase written many books and differentresearchers try to interpret it and so and so. But one thing is certain: she proves that the feat of Christ gives some standard for human courage in general. Because in fact, when he carried the cross and experienced terrible suffering, he still did not know whether the Father would save him or not. That is why the meaning of phraseology "carrying the cross" (the expression and image of the suffering prophet) calls not to grumble at fate, but perseveringly endure its blows, no matter how long they continue.

Suffering, pain, various sorrowsthey do not understand existence - that is their nature. A person must resist the loss of meaning and remember the feat of Christ, regardless of whether he believes or not. Let him imagine that Christ was the simple son of a carpenter, who by mistake (false denunciation) was crucified on the cross.

And here the meaning of phraseology "carry the cross" (this expression is stable in language) acquires not only a household but also an ethical, highly moral meaning.

And still it is necessary to finish something positively. Perhaps, it is not enough for anyone that Christ suffered much more when he made the way of the cross. Such readers can be fully understood.

Suffering as a factor of personal development

Suffering is an important factor in human development. Without it, personal maturity is impossible. Suffering has a non-religious meaning. They help a man cut himself out of the present, cutting off all that is superfluous. And like any other, an operation of this kind is very painful.

Asked about what it means to "carry your cross"you can answer this: it means silently endure hardship, problems, sorrows, not complaining about fate. Another thing - why? After all, the highest goal is needed to go further, gritting his teeth. And here, at this point, each person makes his own choice.