Applicants wishing to obtain a profession inthe sphere of service, hotel business and public relations, should pay attention to the university of Irkutsk - IGU, the faculty of service and advertising of which offers these directions for graduates.

Historical reference

The subdivision was formed in the structureUniversity in 1997. For twenty years there have been a number of changes, the list of directions of training has expanded, agreements on cooperation with European and Asian universities have been concluded, basic chairs have been opened.

yoke faculty of service and advertising

The student life at the faculty is notstops for a minute. Competitions, internships, seminars, master classes from experts in combination with basic training transform inexperienced freshmen into high-class specialists. After graduating several years, the students note that the faculty of service and advertising is the most active and creative in ISU.

An important feature of the faculty is the availability of budgetplaces. Let it be a little, in aggregate - 66 for full-time education and 25 for correspondence, but other universities do not have the opportunity of free recruitment for specialties related to the media and public relations.

Learned disciplines, schedule

The list of readable items is compiled taking into accountrequirements of state. standards. Conditionally, disciplines are divided into groups: general and special. The first include mathematics, foreign languages, history, philosophy. They start all educational programs at the ISU. The faculty of service and advertising offers highly specialized disciplines to students, which are studied at senior courses: information technologies in tourist business, computer graphics, 3D animation, advertising.

faculty of service and advertising yoke schedule

The schedule of lessons is compiled for each groupindividually, it is divided into "upper" and "lower" weeks. The need for such a partition is simple: some disciplines are read in a week. For example, at the "top" week students study mathematics, and on the "bottom" at the same time they have a couple of information technologies.

At first it is difficult to get used to such a schedule. Particularly difficult for first-year students, but with time they are mastered. To learn the lessons of the current day, it is not necessary to go to the faculty of service and advertising of the ISU. The schedule can be viewed through the browser, opening the official site of the unit. Made it convenient: different weeks are highlighted with flowers, it is possible to view the schedule of classes for a particular day. Another advantage of the schedule is the integration with popular calendar formats. For example, Google and Outlook.

Student feedback

No one will better tell about the place ofthe university students themselves. Judging by the responses of the freshmen who entered the IGU, the faculty of service and advertising attracted their offered professions. Students in one voice argue that being an advertising specialist or HR manager is prestigious and interesting.

Faculty of Service and Advertising

The study does not cause difficulties. Of the shortcomings, graduates point out that it would be nice to add a course on Internet advertising.

Expert Reviews

Heads of enterprises of the city of Irkutskpositively speak about the students who graduated from the Faculty of Service and Advertising of the ISU. Reviews suggest that teachers give knowledge and skills, really useful in practice, so you can quickly find work in the profession.