Tattoos since ancient times were considered specialpiece of art. Unlike drawings on paper or wood, they remained forever on the human body, becoming part of it. Among the tribes, famous for their skillful mastery of tattooing skills, the Aztecs stood out. The symbolism and ornamentation of the Aztecs adorned the bodies of priests, spiritual, political leaders and all who participated in their special rituals. Aztec Tattoos are popular today, but many people do not even know what significance they have.

Masters of the business

In the Aztec tribe, the mosthonorable and respected people. Everyone treated this case with particular scrupulousness, revealing a good knowledge of the matter. The symbolism of the Aztecs is known for its complexity. Drawings always contained many small details, colors, and also differed from all previous ones, becoming, thus, unique for their carriers.

Aztec symbols

The Divine Cult

The meaning of Aztec tattoos was closely relatedwith the divine cult. They had a spiritual and ritual significance. For the Aztecs, who lived six hundred years ago, the main task of their entire life was to venerate the gods. Tattoos were applied as a sign of obedience to higher beings.

The most important god of the Aztec pantheon wasHuitzilopochtli, the sun god, guardian of heaven, giving life. He was portrayed rather unusually, in the form of a blue face. The sun rose and set, and so every day in a circle. The Aztecs saw this as proof that death follows life again. The symbolism of the Aztecs did not end with only one depiction of the deity. In the same tattoo, inscriptions were used in the picturesque Aztec language. As a rule, it was the name of the deity, as well as words praising it. Today such a tattoo, inflicted on the human body, expresses faith in the afterlife.

Aztec Tattoos: the meaning

Another popular image in the Aztectattoos is the deity Tezcatlipoca. The God of Warriors was once depicted on the skin of soldiers. Today, his body is applied to show his courageous character, because such a tattoo indicates loyalty, courage and fearlessness.

The symbolism of the Aztecs contained the image of Godcreativity, weather, fertility and wisdom of Quetzalcoatl. He was portrayed in the form of a winged serpent. This god touched all spheres of human life and therefore occupied a special place in the pantheon. The meaning of such a tattoo is easy to understand. It symbolizes the desire to enjoy every part of life, to gain success in matters of absolutely any orientation, not to limit oneself.

, symbols and ornament of the Aztecs

Selection of the place of application

Only Aztec symbols on the bodyinflicted, does not carry any particular significance. The symbolism must necessarily go side by side with the right choice of the skin site. The Aztecs mostly chose hands, belly and chest for tattoos. Being an energy center, these parts of the body helped to channel the energy of the image in the right direction and bring good.

Aztec tattooing value

Tattooed not only adults but also children. Tattooed for a few more purposes - as intimidation of enemies, special insignia, to indicate a certain position in society. For example, the soldiers put on their hands swords and daggers, priests - magic signs.

The Stone of the Sun

Also, you can often see a tattoo withthe image of the Sun Stone. Many mistakenly consider it as the Aztec calendar. Originally it was a carved circle on the stone with the symbols of a 20-day calendar. When people only discovered this image, they considered it an ordinary calendar, and only years later began to discover the true meaning of the Sun Stone. In particular, it contained information that for a long time there were four universes, they all died, and the fifth appeared, with life, the one in which we all live.

According to the inscriptions on the stone, the Aztec tribes,the Incas, the Maya believed that in the Fourth Era the mountains had gone under water, and the sky had altogether aligned with the earth. It lasted all 52 springs. After there was a worldwide flood and all people turned into fish. Before that, death was over in the Third Age. The end of it was a great fire that came to Earth from heaven. Many even believe that in this way these tribes tried to capture in the myths the fall of the meteorite on the ground. The second era ended with the transformation of people into monkeys, while all life on the planet was destroyed by the most terrible hurricanes. The very first era was exterminated by huge giants. It is also likely that we were talking about the Atlanteans. Our Fifth Era was created by the gods in the distant year 986. According to the predictions of the Aztecs, the end of this era will be the strongest earthquake in history.

the meaning of Aztec tattoos

Unfortunately, many people, by applying Aztectattoos, do not even think about their meaning. By applying on his body inscriptions in unfamiliar languages ​​and unknown images, they change their destiny, make something new in it. That's why special attention must be paid to the value of the tattoo before applying it.