Tambov is a small city that isadministrative center of the region, is located in Central Russia, 480 km from Moscow. In the article we will tell about what this city represents, and about its population.

Population of Tambov: dynamics of growth and fall

Perhaps, in one city there is no singlean indicator of the ever-increasing population. Especially today, when people from small towns move massively to megacities in search of better work.

At the beginning of 2016, according to statistics, Tambov was on the 70th place among the cities of the Russian Federation (total 1112) by population. By the way, it is 280 thousand people.

Tambov population

Noticeable growth of this indicator has occurred since 1931, when from 83 thousand people it increased to 106 thousand, and gradually, by 1987 the figure was close to 305 thousand people.

Further every year Tambov population increased by 1000 people, but since 1998 the indicator began to fall, and for 10 years the number of residents of the city was reduced by 30 thousand people. TThis demographic situation is connected not only with thecrossing, but also with excess of death rate over birth rate. By the way, the highest rate was recorded in 2009, when the death rate exceeded the birth rate by 1.5 times.

Education and employment

Although population of the city of Tambov small, here you can get not only secondary education, but also higher, as the city is considered a scientific and industrial center.

In Tambov, about 20 schools and gymnasiums have been opened andabout 15 educational institutions, where you can get a secondary special education. For example, a pedagogical college, a construction college, a business college, and a college of arts.

There are four local institutions of higher education, including technical and music-pedagogical universities, as well as about ten institutions that are branches of Moscow universities.

population of Tambov

Basically Tambov population is employed in industry and commerce. Areas such as machine building, chemical industry, chemical engineering, as well as light and food industries are developed.

In addition to employment in enterprises, people work andin research institutes of different orientations, of which there are about 10. Thus, in the city there is a research institute of mechanical rubber engineering, radio engineering, and so on.

Ethnic composition and religion

The population of Tambov mostly represented by Russians, who make up about 90% of all its inhabitants. Also on the territory of the city live Ukrainians, Gypsies, Tatars, Azerbaijanians, but their total number does not exceed 5%.

In terms of religion, most of the localof the inhabitants is Orthodox, although there is a small percentage of Catholics and Muslims. There are also people in various religious groups whose religion is not officially recognized throughout the world (Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.).</ span </ p>