In the game "League of Legends" one of the most dangerousmiddle line fighters is a brand. Hyde on this character provides an explanation of his strengths and weaknesses, a variety of tactics and necessary items. With proper skill, the champion will help the player to climb high on the rank ladder.

General information about the hero

The only mage of fire in the game is the Brand. Hyde on this champion begins with a survey of basic statistics. His skills require a lot of mana, so a lot of spamming them into the opponent will not work without gain from the blue golem. In itself, the hero is rather fragile, and the front line fighters (Jax, Fior, Zed and others) should not be allowed in. This magician requires the player to have a wonderful ability to calculate the actions of the enemy. All his skills are triggered in a certain direction, and slipping them is tantamount to dying if you are fighting a killer or a mobile sorcerer (Ari, Sindra, Akali, Talon and others).

brand guide

Description of skills

His skills and deserved among the hugenumber of users attention Brand. Hyde (description of skills) should start with the passive skill "Flame". Its essence is that it increases all the damage from other skills and when activated, an area appears on the enemy that will explode after two seconds. The first ability is "Burn": in the chosen direction a fireball is launched and causes damage to the first enemy. The second skill is the "pillar of fire": when activated, a flame appears from the ground in some area. The third skill - "Arson" - is superimposed directly on the hero and he has been inflicted with fire damage for some time. Ultimate skill "Pyroclasm" triggers a flame that jumps between opponents five times, activates a passive skill, ignites and relieves a lot of health. The ideal combination in team battles will be to mark the opponents with the third ability, to get - the second and launch the ultimate. This is a guaranteed death for weak fighters and huge losses even among armored champions. It's also worth knowing that Brenda can immobilize opponents. Hyde is as follows: it is necessary to mark the enemy with the second or third skill, and while the mark lasts, get "Burn".

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Early game

Basically when playing only on the middle lineThe Brand undertakes. "LOL" guide provides the possibility of linking it with the soldiers below, but there he has no opportunity to resist the strong tanks and save his life arrow. It is best to take it to the middle and start collecting from the "Doran Ring" and two cans for treatment. Try to completely clean the waves of minions, but do not forget about the dangers of the arrival of the forester. The middle of the line is the maximum where the fight should be moved. If you drove the enemy under the tower, then put totems on the review and be ready to meet guests from the jungle. Skills should be pumped in the sequence 2-1-3 and ultimute at the first opportunity. In the skills of the summoner, take a jump and arson (the second one, which is available to any character). It is at this stage that you need to determine the objects and the direction where the Brand will move. Hyde provides for three cases: lack of mana, difficulty getting hit by abilities and the need for damage. In the first case, it is worth buying Morellonomicon, in the second case, the Crystal Scepter of Rilai, and in the third, Rabadon's Death Hat.

lol brand guide

Average period

By the fifteenth minute the player must already haveassembling two or more items in the standard situation, when there is not a lot of murders and a lot of money. The best example of a guide for testing Brenda in this case will be the collection of the "Crystal Scepter of Rilai", but before that you should buy "Too Big Wand" and "Wizard's Boots". As a result, the player gets a good penetration magic, and if the runes are also sent to this indicator, the danger from skills will increase. Further it is necessary as soon as possible to save up on the "Mortal Hat of Rabadon". This greatly adds abilities to the character in terms of strength of skills, because in this period the fighters of the enemy team will already begin to defend themselves with the "Banshee Curtain" and similar objects. After that, there is a choice between two items "Zhoni's Hourglass" for additional protection with activation or "Echo Ludin" to increase the power in the attack.

an example of a guide for brand testing

Late battles

At the end of the game a real threat to the enemythe team must be in the game LoL Brand. Hyde provides for the purchase of two additional items for him in the future. "Staff of the Abyss" will provide even more magical penetration, which should be directed against the tanks (Maokai, Leon, Braum). The last thing goes to the player's choice. It is worth thinking about what he lacks in the team battle, and what object will bring the most benefit. It can be "Liandri's torment" with passive arson, "Scepter of emptiness" with aura of protection or even "Wand of Ages". Choose the last one at the beginning or middle of the match, otherwise it will not have time to gain ten reinforcements and will, in the end, be useless. The brand should release all your skills in the fight, grab as many enemies as possible and inflict maximum damage.