Everyone knows the word that we will considerToday. In the area of ​​our special attention came the verb "to reproach", and this, on the one hand, is interesting, and on the other - sad. But the reader must learn the meaning of the word.



From early childhood, each person can, ifset the goal, collect a whole collection of misses, for which he shpynyali. At first, they were scattered toys on the floor, then unlearned lessons, and then, when he grew up and got married, his wife, not his mother, began to saw him on various occasions. But do not think that only the spouses can reproach. This is not true. Authoritarian parents do this less often, criticizing their children for not eating, sitting and generally full of all kinds of shortcomings.

The reader loses patience in expectation of valuewords, but by the preliminary part its meaning could already be reconstructed. The explanatory dictionary says the following: "To make someone reproach someone for something, put something to someone in reproach." Frankly, a vague explanation, so we'll replace slightly outdated concepts in defining an explanatory dictionary for more modern ones. And we get, for example, this: "To reproach is to make someone comment on his behavior or to blame some of the deeds."

Well, now somehow clearer.

Reproaches are pointless

After we found out the meaning, it's worthto say also about the extent to which this educational device is effective and useful in combating human "shortcomings". The last word is taken in quotation marks, because the characteristics of people right away can not be taken immediately and spread on different sides of the barricades. It can not be said right from the start, where is good, but where is evil. Interestingly, if you ask those who have suffered in childhood, reproach - it's good or still bad, what will be the answer?

reproach what is

So, reproach the child, husband, wife, parentscompletely ineffective. Why? Because the scandals, and this is exactly what the systematic claims are doing, only shake the psyche of the parties and lead to a triple resistance of the one to whom they are directed.

Speak, debate, argue and show by example where much better and more productive.

If parents ask that a teenager does not smoke,and, perhaps, they even tell very talently about what illnesses lie in wait for him, if he does not quit, but at the same time quite successfully smoke, smoking 3 packs a day, then hardly even severe reproaches will help here.

Quite a trivial thought, is not it? But somehow it has to be reminded of again and again.

We learned what it means to reproach. We hope, the reader has understood that claims are not the best way of education.