Knife "Punisher", like "Antiterror", developedFor arming special units of the FSB. It is the result of the work of the designers of the company "Noks". The product is manufactured on the basis of the well-known enterprise "Melita-K". The blade has some design features, which are liked by fans of tactical weapons. Different knife models satisfy both civil requests (hunters and lovers of traveling) and the needs of the armed forces.

punisher knife

Brand Description

The company "Noks" specializes in the development ofonly cold steel, but also special equipment. Some models were officially adopted by Russian special forces. Cold weapons from the company "Nox" has proven itself in the performance of combat operations. Also, the company produces a large number of knives for hunters and travelers. It is worth remembering that "Punisher" is a knife that was created by order of power structures, therefore some of its models are not available to civilians.

Firm "Melita-K" are developed and manufacturedVarious cutting tools: from simple single-knife knives to combat items. The production uses high-quality carbon and stainless steel. The hardness of the knives of the company "Melita-K" varies in the values ​​of 58-60 units (according to Rockwell).

Tactical knife "Punisher": a general description of the model

The blade has an asymmetrical shape, and also 1blade. Due to its concave shape, it has good cutting ability. Increase the stiffness of the blade dolah on holomenyah. There is a variant of the model with anti-reflective coating (camouflage). It is worth considering that "Punisher" - a knife, which in combat performance is a small cross. It protects the hand from slipping. The ends of the cross are bent towards the point.

 fighting blade opener

A handle made of pressed leather, andSteel pommel allow you to deal the most traumatic blows to the enemy. In this blade, the elements of the Malay Kriss are noticeable: due to the wavy shape, a thin blade creates a wide wound. Characteristic features, which has a combat knife "Punisher", determine its functional characteristics. Three waves of the blade are arranged according to several goals. The wave on the shoe strengthens the chopping edge. The middle part, on the contrary, has a concave shape. This creates a sickle effect on impact.


"Punisher" - a knife with a light and rigid construction. The shoe tapers to the front. The sample of the stake gives it rigidity due to a two-sided reduction in the section of the blade. The design was created taking into account the need to constantly intercept the blade. It also increases the convenience of using a knife while working with a thumb grip on the bevel of the guard.

The top of the handle allows you to tightly fix the knife in your hand and apply it for shocking strokes. The product has the following specifications:

  • steel grades - 70Х16МФС;
  • the total length of the product is 272 mm;
  • length of blade - 160 mm;
  • the maximum width of the blade is 37 mm;
  • thickness of the butt - 6 mm;
  • hardness of steel - 56.
    Tactical Knife of the Punisher

In addition to technical characteristics, the functional features of the model are also interesting.

Functionality of the product

Cutting the sharpened part of the butt is inconvenient. This is due to its undulating shape and increased mass of the handle. When trying to plan a tree a knife is almost useless. But he cuts the meat perfectly. Ice cream bacon cuts with difficulty, while stabbing blows into it also go to cheers. Sharpening the knife does not last long.

Stable steel, withstands fracture testing(you can safely stick the tip of the blade and easily break the chip through the side). In the ground state, the cutting strokes on the meat perform adequately. The stupid "Punisher" is better to perform thrusting.

Knife "The Punisher" Vzmah ""

There is a variant of the knife, which was called"Vzmah-1". It differs from the usual "Punisher" by the serration of the root part of the blade. The same feature, only performed on the shoe, is the "Maestro" model. Knife "Punisher Vzmah" officially adopted for service. Serreitoral sharpening helps to cut ropes quickly. This is an additional advantage of the model. Made by the order of the FSB, the knife is distinguished by its strength and reliability.

Anatomically comfortable finger restraintsallow you to work with the tool as efficiently as possible. Used in power structures, the knife is very popular. In a set with it are sold a comfortable sheath made of genuine leather. The model is not sold as a civilian weapon. The color of the knife has several options: dark, gray, camouflage and classic. The material of the handle can also be different: thermoplastic elastomer or leather.

knife sword

Judging by the opinions of specialists, "Punisher" - a knife withworthy characteristics. However, it is not very practical. The complexity of the design and the need to adapt to the instrument are compensated by the aggressive appearance of the knife. The product is able to easily compete with foreign analogs in terms of its technical and functional characteristics.