Who is a cultured person? The definition of this concept is very abstract. Everyone, anyone you ask, will allocate its qualities that a cultured person should have. But all, perhaps, converge on good manners, nobility, respect and education.

I will not take the liberty of talking about the wholeRussia, but I know about some regions not by hearsay. Therefore, I can judge about most of our vast country. To be honest, I'm not sure that the situation in Moscow or the so-called cultural capital of Russia is very different.

So, where is the cultural man hiding today? Hard to tell. And does he exist yet? Look around you. What do you see?

cultural man
1. Children who from an early age get used to tablets and iPhones, but have never heard of Pushkin or Agnia Barto. The saddest thing is that many of their parents do not know anything about them either!

2. Young people, who instead of theaters and exhibitions go to nightclubs or are completely lost in the web of the global Internet. Guys and girls live a virtual life, not suspecting that there is also a real one, and it is much more beautiful.

3. Adults. Here the picture is quite frightening. An endless race for money, success, career, etc. In everyday vanity, there is no time to stop and take time for yourself, your family and the whole world. And the weekend turns into a sit-down in front of the TV with a bottle of beer (for men) or homework (for women).

cultural identity
So what does "cultural man" mean?

It is clear that it includes education, which,in turn, implies knowledge and observance of rules of etiquette. Do you often meet such people? Yes, what really hide, admit, even to himself, you yourself observe the rules of etiquette? Of course, you know how to hold a fork and knife, inferior (perhaps) to elderly people a place in transport. Do you always talk politely with people?

A cultured person is culturally always and in everything. Even if he gets insulted and derogatory words in his face, he will find the strength to restrain himself and not answer the same. Therefore, in order to become a cultural person, you must, above all, work hard on yourself. This also includes education. What kind of culturality can there be if a person does not know the main events of history or does not distinguish a verb from a noun?

concept of a cultured person
I do not in any way want to blame anyoneor insult. To be honest, I, too, can not consider myself a cultural person. Of course, parents took good care of my upbringing, education was also in my life at one of the first places in my life, I like to go to the theater, read books ("live", paper, not electronic), but in communication with people I, I confess, do not is always correct.

I do not want to say banal things, but in times ofmy childhood people were different. As if from another planet. Kind, more cheerful, calmer. There were no computers or mobile phones. But people had a soul and a real life, not a virtual one. Now it's even hard to imagine how we lived without the Internet and cellular communications. But after all, we lived well! And the cultural man for that time was not so rare as in our days. So what happens, to all the blame - technical progress? There is an occasion to reflect.