One of the most common types of householdpets - wavy parrots. How to determine the sex, to what extent do they grow, why are they so called? We will try to answer these and a number of other questions.

Origin and appearance

wavy parrots

Wavy parrots are small birds, the homelandwhich are Australia, are very sociable, unpretentious in their care and therefore very popular. They are named because of their color - a series of strips on the wings, reminiscent of waves. According to approximate estimates of ornithologists, at the present time the number of wavy parrots contained in domestic conditions considerably exceeds the number of wild animals. In nature, wavy parrots are small and painted mainly in bright green. Domestic birds outnumber their wild relatives. At the moment there are about 200 color variants of color, selected by selection. However, not only the color that wavy parrots have is important. The bird floor is also of great importance. It determines the behavior of the bird. In addition, the female budgies do not speak much. Parrots are not just talkative, they are real chatterboxes. One of the representatives of this family is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In his arsenal was the vocabulary of a 5-year-old child, and this is more than 1700 words! But do not put special hopes on your pet, because like people, they are different in education.

How to determine sex

wavy parrots how to determine sex
If you decide to grow up a talkative pet, andyour choice is wavy parrots, how to determine the sex of this bird? Unfortunately, up to the age of 40 days it is not possible to do this. The only exact way is to determine the color of the wax (the upper part of the beak), which begins to differ in males and females at this age. Up to this point in birds of both sexes it has a gently pink hue. If you are offered a choice of a month and a half wavy parrots, how to determine the sex? It's simple. In males, the waxen dyed a pale violet color, and with age it becomes brighter until it acquires a rich blue hue. The females have an outgrowth on the beak of a brown color.

The content of parrots

The content of wavy parrots is notspecial difficulties. It is necessary to make sure that in the diet of the pet there are vitamin-rich fodder mixtures, pieces of fruit, greens, pure water. It is necessary to change the sawdust on the bottom of the cage every week. It is important to monitor the health of the feathered friend. One of the main problems is the growth of the wax, which gradually can close the nostrils, interfering with the breathing of the bird.


wavy parrots of Czechs

Exhibition wavy parrots of Czechs in our countrygot the name due to the fact that the first parrots were imported to the Soviet Union from Czechoslovakia. However, for the first time these parrots were bred in England. Czechs - a special, very rare species. Unlike restless talkers, they are calmer, one might even say arrogant. The size of these parrots is significantly different from the size of their brethren. It was achieved through careful selective selection. Waving parrots that require special care. How to determine the sex of the Czechs? All the same in the color of the wax. However, the independent breeding of Czechs can gradually lead to the loss of valuable features.