Some people who notice on the roads of a car withThe image of the cross, enclosed in a circle, is perplexed: what does this mean? Not everyone knows what this symbol carries in itself, therefore they start to build their own versions, which are sometimes very far from the truth. Some even attribute this sign to Masonic or sectarian symbols. In fact, this sign is nothing more than a Georgian Orthodox cross. What it means and why it is glued to cars, let's try to understand this article.

The main religion in Georgia

The dominant religion in Georgia is theOrthodox Christianity. And she came to Georgia much earlier than the baptism of Kievan Rus. The formation of Christianity in the country has undergone certain difficulties, but already in the IV century this religion took a firm stand. On the territory of Georgia there is a huge number of churches and churches that play a huge role in people's lives.

Georgian cross

A large number of pilgrims from various countriesgo to this country to visit Christian shrines. Georgians are very sensitive to their religion. However, at the same time they are quite loyal to others. On the territory of the country, Catholics, Muslims and Jews coexist peacefully with Christians. Thus, Christian dogmas are observed in Georgia, one of which reads: "Be tolerant towards one another."

The Georgian Cross

He has one more name - bolnissky. This type of crosses has been used in Georgia since the 5th century. The Georgian cross is isosceles, it has expanding sleeves.

Georgian cross on the car

This symbol is in a round frame. There is information that the Bolnis cross appeared in the time of Constantine the Great. It was he who allowed in 313 a free confession of the Christian religion in Georgia.

For the first time such a cross was depicted on the facadea temple called Bolnisi Sioni. It was built at the end of the 5th century in the historical province of the country. Hence the name - bolnissky, since crosses of this particular form were used in the decoration of the temple.

Georgian Orthodox Cross

Since then, until now, the Bolnis cross has been used in Georgia everywhere.

Georgian cross by car. What means

If you saw on the road a car on whichdepicts a cross enclosed in a round frame - this means that the owner of the car is a believer, usually of Georgian nationality. Most likely, the car was consecrated in the Church, since when the car is consecrated in Georgia, it is glued to the image of the Bolnis cross. Maybe it's an option that the owner of the car simply buys a sticker with a Georgian cross and glues it on his own, as a sign of his faith. In any case, this sign does not carry any malicious intent. Do not confuse it with sectarian symbols - it has nothing to do with them. The Georgian cross on the car can be purchased at a Georgian church shop or ordered on the Internet.

It is possible, of course, and such an option that the machinewas bought, and the new owner simply did not take off the sticker for some reason. In this case, the Bolnis cross on the car may not have any relation to the faith of its master.

Why you need to consecrate a car

Sanctifying the car, you need to understand that this ritualIt is not accepted to perceive as a kind of magic action that can save a car from an accident and other troubles. Although undoubtedly, people pursue these very goals. The consecration of any thing is necessary in order to show that a person dedicates it, as well as his thoughts and deeds to God. Sanctifying the car, you need to realize that it is just a vehicle. Coming to the priest for this trebu - to God come, first of all, it is you, and not the mountain of iron.

Georgian cross by car which means

True faith can work miracles, and it isit will help you avoid accidents on the road. If the ritual is conducted simply as a tribute to fashion - there will not be much sense from it. The church does not deal with magic and conspiracy of things. It is impossible to "talk" a car or any other property. That is why it is necessary to consciously approach this issue, so that the consecration of the car is not just a ritual.


The Georgian cross on the car is a signOrthodox faith. Whether a person has consecrated his car, or simply stuck an image - in any case, he considers himself to be Orthodox Christians, and wishes to demonstrate it to others. And there is nothing wrong with this, since the Christian religion preaches peace, love and good. Accordingly, the person behind the wheel, most likely, also adheres to these values. Although for people far from religion, the Bolnis cross on the car will only tell you that behind the wheel, most likely, a person of a certain nationality, and it is unlikely that anyone will delve into questions of his faith. Thus, the Bolnis cross on a car for religious people will testify to the Orthodox faith of the car owner, and for atheists - to determine the identity of the person behind the wheel to the Georgian nationality.