Rihanna Pratchett is a very unordinary personality. In Britain, she is a popular screenwriter for video games, comics and magazines. Her works are spoken in the world, she is criticized and admired by her.

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Under the wing of his father

Creativity and life of Rihanna were influenced not byless famous father - Terry Pratchett. This guru of humorous fantasy, the father of a series of books "Flat World", which won the huge love of readers. Light genre and amazing fictional world have found their fans in all corners of the earth.

One can only imagine in what conditions the veinRihanna Pratchett. This is the blue dream of any boy. Video games, comics, a house filled with a fairy tale and a fantastic story. At the age of six, when she first saw on the screen a funny little man with a sword, she realized that she did not want another life.

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Rihanna Pratchett. Biography

A famous writer was born on the eve of a new1977, namely, December 30, 1976, in the city of Rouberrow (Somerset, Britain). Children's years passed calmly and at ease. Her work, which led her to fame, she began in college.

Like many teenagers, a British writerRihanna Pratchett for a long time could not decide where to direct the power of her work. On the one hand, she understood that she would always remain in the shadow of her popular father and her success would not be achieved. And on the other hand, I wanted to realize myself as a person, to prove that I was capable of more than just becoming an ordinary journalist.

It was then that she decided that she needed to graduateit is the journalistic faculty of London College. After graduation, the future writer settled in the magazine Minx, focused on young girls. There she was offered to lead a column about video games. But the beautiful ladies of adolescence, this topic was of little interest, so I had to return to writing articles on the theme of lipsticks and graduation dresses.

Parallel to this work, the writer RihannaPratchett publishes reviews of video games in other popular magazines PC Zone, PC Gear and many newspapers. This does not bring her a special income, but she got something more - useful connections and interesting work, which in many respects influenced her becoming a screenwriter of computer games.

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Writer of video games

The name of the writer can be found everywherecovers of popular games. Of course, because of her age and little experience, until a certain moment she was only a co-author or developer of the idea. But there was one very promising project in which Rianna Pratchett became the main and main script writer. However, this will be discussed a little later, but for now let us consider the most famous projects in which the British writer took part.

The first sampler was the game Beyond Divinity fromdeveloper Larian Games. In this project Rihanna was offered to work on the world of heroes. It turned out very well. The next step was the popular in our country Stronghold Legends. In the work on Heavenly Sword, she had to cooperate with the famous British scriptwriter Andy Serkis (his most famous work, The Lord of the Rings). Together they created a huge world with many heroes and storylines. But the brightest characters in the game were, of course, Nariko and Kai.

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The first truly serious work was the gameOverlord. This is a story about the Lord, which can be bad or very bad, in the genre of action-adventure. The main character's task is to defeat the seven fallen warriors who captured the territory of the Lord. To do this he can only with the help of his faithful army of minions.

The first part of the game was released in 2006 and quicklyliked the gamers. A year later the developers presented the next part, over the plot of which also worked Rianna Pratchett. The game will appeal to lovers of black humor, because it is - it's some kind of a parody of the legendary fantasy stories.

Rihanna worked on the glory. The game has a lot of intricate scenes, an interesting exciting storyline and, of course, a subtle humor worthy of Terry Pratchett himself. For her writings, the writer was awarded a prestigious British award.

Tomb Raider

To the story of the legendary Tomb RaiderRianna Pratchett joined only in 2013. The work on the project was not so much complicated as creative. At that time, for 12 years of the game's existence, fans of the genre already needed something new and unusual. The standard image of a girl with a dragon tattoo, which is constantly unlucky, has already become boring to all.

The main goal, which wanted to reach Rihanna atwork with Lara Croft, - to create the most realistic character, who would like to sympathize. The player had to take very close to heart the new image. But unfortunately, this did not happen. The part over which Rihanna worked was not so much a failure as predictable. Many scene scenes are simple, and the player already knows what will happen next. Therefore, no excitement happened. The high sales rating was preserved thanks to the well-known brand Lara Croft and the famous Pratchett family.

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Literary heritage

Being a famous screenwriter of video games, neverRihanna Pratchett did not write for publishing houses. Her father's books fascinated the world and herself. She grew up in fictitious illusions. And maybe that's why I never touched Terry's work.

As you know, Terry Pratchett died in March 2015year, without ever finishing the story of the "Flat World". Although to continue to write about the adventures could be endless. Fantasy fans first of all filled Rihanna with questions, whether the continuation of the story about the young witch, over which the writer worked before his death. The book is called The Shepherd's Crown and was written only half.

But the daughter of a famous writer immediately refuted everythingtheory, saying that this is the brainchild of his father and continue to write instead of him - it means not to honor his memory and his talent. Neither she nor anyone else will invent new stories about the "Flat World".

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

The continuation of the saga of Lara Croft was published in 2015. In an interview about working on the script, Rihanna emphasizes that this part is devoted to her father. The plot of the new game is very unusual. This time the fragile girl will have to conquer the cold Siberian regions. There she needs to find an artifact. However, instead, Lara learns the secrets of eternal youth and immortality.

Rihanna valued her relationship with her father very much. This could not not be displayed on the game. It is in this part that there is an episode in which Lara Croft's father is afraid that she will lose all memories of her daughter because of illness. As you know, Terry Pratchett suffered from a rare form of Alzheimer's disease, which led to his death.

"Guardian" Terry Pratchett

At the moment, Rianna Pratchett workstogether with the company Narrativia to create a fantasy series based on the books of Terry Pratchett. The idea of ​​creating such a project was announced as early as 2013. Since then, much has been said about the closure of the studio, that the project will be a failure. But all doubts dispelled the British writer after the death of her father, saying that work on the series continues. The date of release on the television screens is still unknown.

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By her main achievement, Rihanna herself believes,that she managed to find herself and realize her creative talents in the games industry. Now she is not just a "father's shadow", she is an individual, an excellent writer and a popular writer. For her pen struggling multimedia studios. But among other things, she received well-deserved British and world awards, namely:

- In 2007 she was nominated for the BAFTA award for the best game character of this year. The game "Heavenly Sword" participated in the competition.

- In 2008, won first place in the WGGB competition for the best scenario for PC games. Nomination received for the project Overlord.

- At the awards ceremony, "Best Adventure Game of 2009", the creation of "The Face of Reflections" won.

- Joint nomination for the WGGB 2010 award for the game "Risen".

- And finally, the most important award for Rihanna - for the best script for video games in 2013 for the development of Tomb Raider.

In Britain, the writer entered the top 100 bestwomen of the country. There are few such talented girls who could so perfectly understand games, like Rihanna Pratchett. Her photos do not appear on tabloids, but the name and merits are known to many.

Personal life

Do you know all the people who are working onfavorite movie or game? Most often their names, as well as details of their biography and personal life are hidden under the prism of creative success. So is Rianna Pratchett. The personal life of the girl for many remains a mystery behind seven seals. It is known only that her whole life is a fantasy world of video games.

That's it, the famous daughter of a wonderful writer.