Good quotes about life are not so easy to find onthe vastness of the Internet. In order to find really high-quality content, you will have to spend a lot of time. All because of the fact that, even finding a good site, you can note that there is not much useful information. In this article you will find proven and loved by many quotes about life, love, childhood, etc. In addition, you will learn how to properly search for the right material, as well as how to verify its truth.

What is a quote

Quotations are laconic, but concentratedExpressions that briefly give reason for reflection. Previously, only great people who deserved universal respect and approval were quoted. To date, the situation has deteriorated somewhat, because they quote every second who flashed eloquence. But one should not fall into this trap and confuse eloquence and quotations. A very large number of people can flaunt their sharp tongue, but only a few can create aphorisms that will make millions of people think.

good quotes about life

Quotations arose when a person learnedspeak. In past times, wisdom was spoken orally. Disadvantages of this form of information transfer was a lot: it's distortion, and the wrong interpretation, and the addition of their knowledge, etc. With the advent of writing, the situation has improved. However, even written texts can be misinterpreted. Quotes are a way to communicate with a sage from antiquity, so you should collect wise expressions, like grains.

Which quotes should be listened to, and to which - no

Good quotes about life can be found, it is indisputable. They can impress you very much, reflect your own views, challenge you, make you think, etc. But did you ever think about the author of the aphorism? Probably not. In the modern information society there are many situations when real facts hide, alter, non-talk or even create their own. It is this that is terrible - blind trust in the source. The author of the quotation of Socrates may be the usual Vasya Pupkin from the village.

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Even sadder things are when a personlooking for a quote not to cheer your mind, but to find the truth. In this case it is necessary to be especially picky to the source. In any case, the information should always be checked, but special skills will not be required for this. It is simply necessary to look for information in various sources, and it is also desirable to find the original source. Doing all this is not difficult, but it takes a lot of time. However, if you want to know the truth, you will have to sacrifice your time.

Aphorisms of great people

Quotes about the life and love of great people inspireus most. Such short phrases help to look at your own life and relationships from a different angle. In order to find aphorisms of wise people, you should simply find a suitable site on which to collect all the pearls of ancient wisdom. It is better not to trust groups in social networks, which every day publish a lot of quotes of famous people. Most often this is just a personal conjecture, which the group's administrators publish under the pseudonym of a well-known person.

quotes of great people with a sense of life

Very wise and beautiful is Henry's quoteBeecher, which reads as follows: "Greatness is not to be strong, but to properly use your strength." Also interesting is the quotation of Friedrich Nietzsche, who said: "The greatest in the great is the maternal. The father is always only an accident. " Makes you think, right?

Quotes about love

Quotes about life and love give a special ecstasy, ifthey relate to a specific situation. Finding such aphorisms is easy, the main thing is to write the request correctly. An interesting quote is Edith Piaf herself, who wrote: "When I'm not dying of love, when I have nothing to die from, then I'm ready to die!" Good quotes about life can not be enumerated, not recalling Jean Baptiste Moliere, who said that a person who did not love did not live a real life. Wise old man Democritus believed that a person who does not love anyone, too, no one will fall in love. Erich Fromm wrote that love - this is the main problem and the meaning of human existence.

I'd like very much to quote a beautiful quote hereHeinrich Heine, who wrote: "Angels call it heavenly delight, devils - infernal torment, people - love." But George Orwell believed that people can be happy only when they do not make their ultimate goal out of happiness. The talented French writer Alexander Dumas pointed out that love is impossible without respect, because it is "an angel with one wing." Another famous writer Albert Camus believed that failure is not to be loved, but the real grief is not to love. Virgil was brief, so he said that love prevails all.

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Quotes about life

Do you often get citations from great people withmeaning? It's not so easy to talk about life to create a lot of quotes. More precisely, the quantity can be easily typed, but the quality will suffer very much. The important problem of aphorisms is that sometimes they mean obvious things. The Buddha said that in order to understand life, one should imagine it in the form of lightning, phantom, dream or dew. It is this short and bright moment that is human life.

Tragic writer Franz Kafka argued thatthe meaning of life lies in its finiteness. William Faulkner wisely noted that life is not a property that should be protected, but a gift that must be shared with the surrounding people. It is difficult to read the quotes of great people with meaning. I do not want to talk about life frankly, I want to decorate it and not notice the obvious. Quotations, aphorisms about the meaning of life force a person to delve into themselves, look for answers and honestly admit to themselves in their desires.

quotes aphorisms about the meaning of life

Humorous aphorisms

Quotes with a sense of humor about life - does it happen? As it happens, and now you will see for yourself. Brilliant writer Oscar Wilde wrote that in the life of a person there can only be two misfortunes: the first - he will get what he wants, the second - he will not get. He owns the expression that life is too complicated to talk about it seriously. Alan Watts wrote that human life is a game. The main rule of this game is to pretend that everything is going seriously. Good quotes about life do not always have to be serious, do they?