The Oceanarium in Penza is ready to show its guestsa wonderful underwater world in all its glory. Treasures of the seas and oceans are located on a huge area of ​​three thousand square meters, in aquariums a total of more than seven hundred tons. Here is a collection of various unique fish: piranhas, blackheads, sharks, arapaims, several species of rays and other rare inhabitants of water bodies of Africa, Asia, South America and India. The staff of the aquarium will gladly meet visitors of all ages, organize group and individual excursions, answer any questions concerning underwater inhabitants.

The Oceanarium in Penza

Penza Oceanarium

Three years ago, on May 17, the firstPovolzhsky federal district of the oceanarium (in Penza). A giant aquarium is located on the ground floor of the retail center "Retail Park". Tours are organized here, during which everyone can get acquainted with a lot of exotic fish and other underwater inhabitants, as well as see a show with a scuba diver (on Sundays at 12.00) and watch the feeding of aquarium inhabitants (on Saturdays at 12.00). At a fairly decent area, there are more than ten large aquariums, there is also a special room with small aquariums where small fish live, there are several open pools with turtles and sharks. Each aquarium hanging glowing panels, which depicts the fish contained in it, and their detailed description. Also in the aquarium there is a contact area where each guest can touch and feed the fish themselves.

Penza Oceanarium ticket price

Recently, the leadership of the oceanarium conductedscale work on its expansion and development: there was a solemn opening of a souvenir shop, a family cafe and a department where people can buy everything necessary to create their own home aquarium and get advice from professionals about the content of its inhabitants and design.

Contact Information

The oceanarium in Penza is located at: Ternovka micro-district (Pervomaisky district), Central street, building 1, retail center "Retail Park" (ground floor).


Is proud of the fact that there is in her such institution, asthe oceanarium, Penza. The mode of operation is as follows: it starts to receive visitors from 10 am and closes its doors at 8 pm. The fish can be watched daily, the oceanarium works without days off and a lunch break.

oceanarium penza retail park operating mode


The entire Penza aquarium is visiting. Ticket price:

  • for an adult, the cost of the visit is 300 rubles;
  • for a child under fourteen years of age - 150 rubles;
  • children under five years old are accompanied by an adult free of charge;
  • on weekdays for pensioners (upon presentation of the certificate) a 50% discount applies;
  • Permission for photo and video, as well as fish food is not included in the ticket price and is purchased separately.


The oceanarium in Penza is advised to visit manyresidents of the city and the nearest settlements. Visitors note the beautiful design of the complex itself, and of each aquarium, a large area. Of course, in particular, the oceanarium is liked by children, for many hours they can stand near the fish and admire them. Particular attention is attracted to frogs, sharks, turtles and, of course, freshwater stingrays of enormous size, floating 10 centimeters from the face and gracefully sliding on the glass. Judging by the responses, the aquarium employs friendly staff, who willingly tells about their pets. People who visited the institution during the show, get a great impression of the work of a scuba diver. The diver not only feeds the fish, but dances with sharks, waving to the guests and trying to cheer the children.

Oceanarium Penza mode of operation

Every month in the aquariumentertainment and cognitive activities for children. Judging by the reviews, they cause incredible enthusiasm among the majority of visitors, and do not impress only those who were in such institutions on a large scale. Many in aquariums lack jellyfish, sea horses and other small things, but in general for Penza this is a landmark place. Especially considering that at the moment there are such institutions in only ten Russian cities.

Retail Park

Invites everyone who wants to aquarium, Penza,Retail Park! Mode of work of the shopping center: opens at 8 o'clock in the morning and finishes work at 10 pm. In addition to the aquarium in the shopping center with a total area of ​​about 56 square kilometers, there are many shops, leisure facilities and enterprises providing various services.