In summer and autumn, people often go to the forest, where theircan wait for danger in the form of snakes. In the Leningrad Region, from vermin, the most common are vipers, who do not attack first. True, in high grass a person can easily not notice it, and the reptile will attack, defending itself.

snakes of the Leningrad region
According to herpetologists, the most dangerous snakethe habitats are Luzhsky, Kingiseppsky, Volkhov districts. All information from those who suffered from snake bites falls into Rospotrebnadzor and the State Security Service from the trauma centers.

Which snakes of the Leningrad region are most often found?

These are vipers and snakes. To be afraid of them is in a warm period, when they are especially active - May-September. Poisonous snakes, living in the Leningrad region, are as dangerous as those living in Central Asia. The viper's bite can end with death, but such cases are quite rare. Most of all troubles account for the share of allergies: they are hard to tolerate snake venom.

It is believed that the lethal dose of this substance -half a milligram, which equates to the bites of three vipers. However, do not immediately "suck" poison from the wound. According to qualified specialists, this method can be used only if a close relative has suffered. Otherwise, there is a risk of contracting serious diseases, such as hepatitis.

What measures to take if bitten by a reptile?

snakes inhabiting the Leningrad region
Snakes of the Leningrad Region (photo aboveshows where they can lay eggs) are found not only in the forest, but can also crawled into the country plot. Do not snap them with your bare hands and frighten them with sharp movements. If nevertheless the reptile has bitten, and to go to the nearest traumatic point it is far, then it is necessary to take measures.

  • Drink plenty.
  • The wound should be treated with an antiseptic that is on hand.
  • To the victim to ensure complete peace.
  • Do not chop and burn the place of bite.
  • Contraindicated tourniquet above the bitten area.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

But in any case, you need to go to the hospital. Only there will be rendered qualified assistance.

Main differences

We found out which snakes of the Leningrad Region are most dangerous. If you do not understand, then a small clue how to distinguish them:

  • The head of the adder is triangular in shape, the tail has an oval head.
  • The pupil of the first is vertical, the second pupil is round.
  • Already has a distinctive feature: on its back there are bright (yellow or orange) spots.

Behavior rules

snakes of the Leningrad Region photo
That snakes of the Leningrad region were not terrible to summer residents or tourists, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. To bypass the places of their wintering: pits, burrows, in which the temperature is slightly above 0 ° C, 0.5 to 2 m deep.
  2. Wintering snakes can be either alone or in groups of several dozen pieces.
  3. They like abandoned sites, piles of garbage, remains of a tree, a structure where no one lives for a long time.
  4. Do not bring the landfill to catastrophic proportions. Be clean and call on neighbors.

Remember that the snakes of the Leningrad region, like any other, try to bite a person in the face, head or neck. Take care of yourself!