Minerals of the Donetsk region are veryvarious. About 850 deposits are found here, in which 40 varieties of raw materials are mined. They are conventionally divided into ore, non-metallic and combustible substances. Their number reaches 12% of all natural wealth of post-socialist countries. The deposits of black coal, rock salt, fluxes, dolomites, clays are most intensively developed. This is not a complete list of minerals in the Donetsk region.


In the Donbass such combustible minerals as coal and brown coal, natural gas are being developed. This raw material is used in the metallurgical, chemical industry, and also at TPP.

minerals of the Donetsk region

Donetsk black coal is a solidmineral resource. Its origin is vegetable. The main wealth of the Donetsk basin is without doubt coal. It can be coked, long-flame, gas, greasy anthracite. The most large-scale extraction of brown and coal. Of the total amount of coal mined in the region, half is accounted for by gas varieties, and a quarter by anthracite.

Of these materials, variousfertilizers, plastics. Coal feeds energy transport, metallurgical, by-product coke plants, thermal power plants. The thickness of the seams is up to 1 m. The development is carried out both by mine and career methods. Black coal in this region is characterized by high quality.


The deposits of natural gas were alreadyFor a long time now, new deposits of blue fuel are being developed. Turnovers are increasing. In the north, the Donetsk basin has a gas field with a reservoir capacity of 1,400 million m3. A total of 15 potential deposits are being developed. According to preliminary estimates, their stock is 30 billion m3.

In the north of the Lugansk region (Krasnogorovskoe site) and the Donetsk region (Krasnolimanskoye deposit), natural gas production is being developed.

Many industries use thisa kind of minerals for their needs. With sufficient funding, production volumes will increase. This will cover the energy needs of not only the Donetsk region.


Important enough are mineralsDonetsk region of ore origin. Here, significant reserves of mercury ores are concentrated, deposits of which are being developed in Gorlovsky district. This type of minerals is of great importance for industry.

black coal

There are also concentrated low-power iron ore reserves. Their quantity allows satisfying only the local need for such a mineral.

In the Artemovskoye deposit,copper ore. The mineral sometimes comes to the surface. A similar pattern is observed in the tract of Kartamysh. Cobalt, chromium, nickel, gold and silver ore occurrences are also found.

Non-metallic mineral resources

However, not only coal and ores are famous for their usefulfossils of the Donetsk region. Here are the richest reserves of rock salt, gypsum, chalk, flux, building limestone, unique varieties of clays, glass, building sandstones, dolomites, etc.

Donetsk coal

The total volume of table salt,in this area, is 25.4 billion tons. The mineral lies in the form of thick layers. The thickness in some places reaches 35-40 m. Extraction is carried out by a mine way and a method of leaching.

Stone salt is often accompanied by gypsum. This mineral is mined here. Gypsum provides the construction industry, the chemical industry and medicine with the required materials.

This is not a complete list of minerals of non-metallic origin that are mined in the region. They play an important role in the development of the country's industry.

Development prospects

In the region, geo-prospecting work is underway to assess the reserves of such minerals as Donetsk coal, hydrocarbons, ore, ocher, alkaline coal, gems, copper, basalt and lead.

Donetsk pool

Today, prospective programs forfuture development of iron ore, feldspar, rare earth metals, nifelins, potassium salt, phosphorites, graphite, precious and semiprecious stones.

In the north of the Azov Sea, kimberlite pipes were found. They contain fragments of small crystals of diamonds. Also, gold mining is a good prospect for experts.

Minerals of the Donetsk region are rich andare abundant. As funding becomes available, new deposits of flammable, ore and non-metallic substances will be developed here. It is a rich land, the development prospects of which are enormous. With a competent, responsible approach, it is possible to expand production and production processes, providing the country and the region with the necessary materials in many branches of production.