Russian cinematography is not always happytheir viewers really high-quality films and serials. Some of them were filmed solely in order to fill the airs or earn money. But sometimes even really worthy works skip. Yuri Stepanov was an excellent example of an actor who knew how to choose high-quality films and serials. And even in spite of the fact that for the most part he was involved mainly in second roles, thanks to his talent, he was remembered for many years by the Russian audience. You can learn about the bright biography and films of Yuri Stepanov thanks to our today's article.

Yuriy Stepanov biography


The biography of actor Yuri Stepanov started on June 71967 in the Irkutsk region. The father of the future cinema figure was an agronomist and was well versed in how to manage the economy. All his childhood, Yuri and his brother spent away from the big metropolises. Father from a young age accustomed his sons to hard work. He educated them quite strictly, but, according to Yuri himself, it helped him grow up as a single-minded person, ready to do everything himself.

In his small town Yuri Stepanov,biography and filmography which is presented to your attention in the article, quickly found a suitable kind of activity for which he devoted all his free time. This hobby was boxing. Thanks to the professional coach, the young guys who went to the section learned many techniques and gained confidence. The coach also often organized all sorts of hikes, fishing and much more. The second hobby of Yuri was the local theater group, in which he regularly performed on stage. Already then he began to show incredible talent, through which he finally became convinced that he wants to become an actor.

In parallel with this, the young man studiedin a local school. After her graduation, her father dreamed that his son would follow in his footsteps and start hunting and farming. But Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich did not intend to stay in the province all his life, so he did not achieve anything. To fulfill his dream, after graduating from high school, he moved to Irkutsk, where he was able to enter the local theater school. He finished his studies with distinction, thanks to which the beginning actor was noticed by the commission, who arrived in Irkutsk. They advised Yuri to go to conquer the Russian capital, because it is there that you can achieve really serious results. As a result, he collected his things and went to enter the famous GITIS.

actor Yuri Stepanov biography


In Moscow, he also started things up the hill. Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich successfully completed his studies, after which he got a chance to perform in a local troupe. All without exception, noted the talent of Yuri, fully surrendered to the beloved cause. The theater was everything to him. Despite the fact that outwardly he looked like the most ordinary and slightly clumsy Siberian boy, soon Stepanov was able to demonstrate all his skills of reincarnation and unprecedented plasticity. On stage, he felt confident and relaxed.

Career of artist Yuri Stepanov, biographywhich is rich and interesting, developed rapidly. Soon he began to receive major roles in the biggest productions. The audience immediately fell in love with the new-star theatrical star. And the critics found favor with him. For a short period of time, Stepanov was able to win not only the love of the public, but also major awards. According to many, the best role in the theater for him was the play "Wolves and Sheep."

Yuri Stepanov biography personal life


Initially, the theatrical actor Yuri Stepanov,whose biography is interesting to all his fans, disliked the cinema and even believed that he was completely anti-theatrical. But soon he changed his mind when he got acquainted with the filming process closer. Soon, Stepanov received several small roles, which became for him a springboard for a career in film. Later, it will help him become one of the most recognizable stars of the country. Next, we'll talk about the most striking roles of the actor.

"The Time of the Dancer" (1997)

In this famous film Vadim Abdrashitovactor Yuri Konstantinovich Stepanov performed his first prominent role. In the center of the plot are two colleagues who visited the hot spot. They gave all their strength to defend the Motherland. And now, finally, the worst is over. They get a great chance to return home. But are they able to return to peaceful life after all that they saw? As it turned out, this is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

artist Yuriy Stepanov biography

"Citizen Chief" (TV series, 2001)

Perhaps, one of the most successful roles of Stepanov,after which he became the idol of the whole country. The series has long gained the status of modern classics and looks great even after more than fifteen years from the moment it was released on TV screens. In the center of the plot of this story is an experienced prosecutor working in a large city. Over the years of service, he was able to uncover a huge number of crimes. But this time he will have to deal with a large organization that conducts illegal activities. Will the prosecutor alone be able to bring the intruders to clean water?

"War" (2002)

A popular military film by Alexei Balabanov, inwhich Yuri got a secondary role. It was after this film that they began to cooperate on an ongoing basis. The events unfold during the Chechen war. The main characters are young soldiers who miraculously managed to survive in this hell and return to their homeland. But they could not adjust to a normal life after all this. And as soon as one of them receives an offer for a good price to return to Chechnya and release the prisoner of war, he immediately agrees.

Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich

"Shtrafbat" (TV series, 2004)

Another incredibly popular series on the militarysubjects. A penal battalion is a place where those soldiers who have tried to desert or who have committed some irreparable act, who have suffered consequences, get to them. They live in unpleasant conditions, daily disrespect from the commanders, and also realize that in the case of a combat operation they will be a kind of "cannon fodder", which will be first launched on the battlefield. Will the main characters be reconciled to their position and prove to others that they are still worth something?

"Blind Man" (2005)

The second joint project of Balabanov and Stepanov. This time the director made an atypical black comedy, the events of which unfold in the dashing 90's. As you know, at that time, all bossed the criminal bosses, ready to go for everything for their own profit. In the center of the plot are two young bandits who carry out assignments of the local criminal authority. Despite the fact that Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich in this film was an episodic, many viewers, it seemed incredibly bright and memorable.

Yuriy Stepanov biography and filmography

"Cargo 200" (2007)

The third and last film of Alexei Balabanov, inwhich starred Yuri Stepanov. Again, his role is far from the main, but still notable. Events take place in the 80's. The USSR was on the verge of collapse. The main character is a young girl who went with her young man to a disco. Nobody foretold troubles. However, after that, he takes her to a remote village where an alcohol dealer lived. After a tumultuous feast, a maniac attacks the girl, who, among other things, is the chief of the city police department. Will she be able to save her life and escape from captivity until it's too late?

"Artist" (2007)

The story of a young actress who dreamed ofmoney and fame. But it did not manage to get at least a small part in the cinema and the theater. Because of this, she had serious financial difficulties, which she could not solve. It seemed that she would never be able to build a career. But soon she has a great chance to fix everything.

actor Stepan Yuri Constantinovich

"Extraterrestrial" (TV, 2007)

A fantastic drama, the events of whichunfold in a small Russian settlement. Once one of the locals finds a strange creature at home, which was not like anything else. This discovery struck a man. And immediately after that he decides to report this to the local precinct officer. He brought the creature to his house. He, in turn, following the charter, decided to put the find in the refrigerator to the next day to conduct an examination. No one could even imagine that after this a whole series of strange incidents will follow, which will forever change the life of the protagonist.

"Karasi" (TV, 2008)

The series tells an amazing story aboutone big family with a funny name Karas. They live in peace and harmony with each other. The protagonist is a military man, while his wife works as a gynecologist. They also have a daughter who completes studies at a higher education institution. But soon in their lives, events begin to happen that turn the situation upside down. Relations within the family are starting to get more and more tense every day.

Yuri Stepanov: biography, personal life

The spouse actor was Irina Sorokina. However, the first child in the family appeared only after Stepanov was 30 years old. The first son of a married couple called Bones. After a while a second child appeared. Children forever changed Yuri's views on life. He began spending more time at home and paying proper attention to the family. At the end of 2009 it also became known that Yuri and Irina are waiting for one more replenishment. But the joy from this was overshadowed by the unexpected death of the actor. He died in 2010, just two weeks before the birth of the third child. Death came after a car accident. Returning home, Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich caught a ride. But soon after that, at one of the crossroads, a foreign car flew in. Actor Stepanov Yuri Konstantinovich died of serious injuries on the spot. This event stunned the whole country. </ span </ p>