In the course of our comprehensive secondary schoolcountries include various subjects that cover not only ongoing events, but also provide the child with comprehensive knowledge. Today, thanks to the rapid development of information technology and global computerization, it became possible to use computer presentations in addition to traditional textbooks. Bright and clear pictures make it possible to imagine much more clearly and clearly what is being said, as well as visually memorize the material being studied.

Such a presentation "Minerals" todayis becoming more common not only in schools, but also in specialized faculties of higher educational institutions, whose specialization is directly related to geological exploration, seismology, geomorphology and other related disciplines. It should also be noted that it is at school that the child first encounters new and hitherto unknown information about various minerals, their origin and structure. That is why the role of the teacher is very great here. As far as the teacher can instill interest in the studied subject, so the child will in the future be happy to learn everything new in this field.

Usually science schoolboy beginsto study from grade 4, since from this age he can already absorb all the material that is being fed. However, an important amendment should also be made here. In no case should you forcefully force a child to study information that is not generally binding, but is recommended as an optional material. The presentation "Minerals" refers specifically to this area, therefore, only in the case of sufficient interest of the child with him can continue classes on this topic.

In general, minerals aremineral formations of organic and inorganic origin, which are present in the earth's crust in solid, liquid and gaseous states. The presentation on the topic "Minerals" allows not only to fully imagine the ore and minerals, but also helps to learn how to visually distinguish them from each other. A great interest for children of junior and middle school age is also caused by minerals such as coal and natural gas, since the person most often meets these minerals.

Modern children in most cases from an early ageage learn to interact with computer technology, and, becoming older, already independently can search for information on the Internet. Some teachers ask students homework, which consists in finding photographs of certain stones and minerals, so that the child remembers much more than just their properties, but also the value in the world.

The presentation "Minerals" also allowsthe child to master the main criterion for the selection of natural resources is the degree of their usefulness and practical applicability in the human sphere. It is also necessary to know that, despite the large volume of extracted minerals, their number on the Earth is extremely small when compared with the total area of ​​the entire Globe. And, since the development of new deposits is quite a labor-consuming and costly business, not all of them today have high profitability and self-sufficiency. The presentation "Minerals" also makes it possible for the schoolchild to show that much depends on the qualitative composition of natural elements, and not always large deposits of fossils attest to a high degree of usefulness. The matter is that they can appear with a small power capacity, as a result of which it will be irrational to use them.

It should also be noted that the presentation "Usefulfossils of the 4th grade "is especially important because it is at this age that the child has a conscious interest in the natural sciences.In addition, as additional tasks, you can ask every day for a certain time to measure the temperature of the ambient air, as well as the direction of the wind with a weathervane. sure that any child with great joy and interest will be able to fulfill this task.