Modern Russian cinema is very stronglags behind the western, and this is a fact. The point here is not the lack of patriotism, but as films. It so happened that in modern Russia there are very few people who, during the creation of the film, think about art, and not about money. However, this was not always the case.

The fact that modern directors of Russia inmost do not worry much about art, forcing most viewers to think that all the domestic cinema is a priori bad and does not deserve attention at all. However, this is a gross blunder. There are such directors of Russia who shot films of the highest level and made a huge contribution not only to the domestic, but also to the world cinema. Many of these people are no longer alive, but the memory of them will forever remain among those who truly love and appreciate a good movie. So, here are some famous directors of Russia.

Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986)

directors of Russia

The personality of the Soviet director Andrei Tarkovskyis rightly considered to be one of the main figures in the world cinema. He was one of those people who gave themselves up completely, creating not just films, but real works of art.

Tarkovsky grew up in a small Russian village. His father was a poet, and his mother graduated from a literary institute, so the future director since childhood was in love with art. Despite the fact that most of his life he lived in Moscow, the children's years had a strong influence on the formation of Andrew as a person. About this in the future, he will shoot a film called "Mirror".

A feature of Tarkovsky's paintings is thathe pays great attention to the meaning, which carries the film. With each new tape he opened for the viewer an important truth, giving an invaluable life lesson. And his last film, which is called "Sacrifice", sums up all the creativity of the director.

Definitely recommended for viewing such Tarkovsky films:

  • "Mirror";
  • "Solaris";
  • "Sacrifice";
  • "Andrei Rublev".

Leonid Gaidai (1923-1993)

Best directors of Russia

Everyone knows the name of Leonid Gayday.grew up in the Soviet Union, with very few exceptions. His films were watched almost the whole country, and the phrases of his heroes are still winged and are firmly included in our lexicon.

Gaidai was born in the Amur Region, in a smalltown called Free, but his family almost immediately moved to Irkutsk, where the future director and spent his childhood. In 1941 he was drafted for war, however, fortunately, he survived, and not only survived, but returned with medals for military merit and military valor. After the war he studied at VGIK, in Moscow, and from 1955 worked at the film studio Mosfilm.

The main direction in the work of Leonid Gaidai was comedy. He, like no one knew how to make a film so that it turned out witty, memorable, not vulgar and very funny.

Definitely recommended to watch such films as a talented director:

  • "Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik";
  • "The Caucasian Captive, or Shurik's New Adventures";
  • "The Diamond Arm";
  • "12 chairs";
  • "Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession."

Nikita Mikhalkov

famous directors of Russia

It should be noted right away that unlike the previous filmmakers, Nikita Mikhalkov, fortunately, is alive and well and continues his activity in the cinema.

Of the merits of the director is worth mentioningas many as 3 nominations for the most prestigious Oscar world award, which he once received for the film "Burnt by the Sun" in 1995. This award was received by a few directors of Russia, although Mikhalkov was not the first of them.

Nikita Sergeyevich was born in Moscow on October 21, 1945year and lived there all my life. The future Oscar winner was studying, like most talented Russian filmmakers at VGIK, and after graduating from the institute, he filmed his first film, called "My own among strangers, a stranger among my own."

In the work of Nikita Mikhalkov, special attention should be paid to such films:

  • "Burnt by the Sun";
  • "His own among strangers, a stranger among his own";
  • "The Barber of Siberia."


In fact, there are good directorsRussia, they just are not so well known to a wide audience, like, for example, the directors of Hollywood. However, this does not mean that their films at least in some way inferior to foreign ones. Having looked at any of the above pictures, which were shot by the best directors of Russia, the viewer can easily see it.