According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in ourthe country recognized the political diversity. The political parties of modern Russia offer a diverse choice, which can be done on the basis of individual beliefs and preferences. This justifies the existence of all kinds of political formations.

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Nevertheless, since 2003 the party of modernRussia has to admit that since the establishment of United Russia, the dominant system has actually been established in the country. In this case, any citizen of the country can notice the predominance of members of this party in practically all the existing authorities and local self-government (at the district and federal levels).

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Despite this, in 2012, political partiesmodern Russia sharply increased their number from 7 to 73. This was due to the liberalization of legislation that occurred after the mass protests of citizens in 2011. The adopted document simplified the procedure for the creation of political parties. At the same time, the minimum number of parties decreased significantly.

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This allowed small parties to also fileits application for registration. In addition to facilitating the procedure for general registration, there has also been a significant simplification of mandatory reporting. In the current legislation, the modern political parties of Russia also have the right to express the political will of their own electorate, take part in all public or political events, and in elections. Among other things, they can provide and lobby the interests of their citizens at all levels of government, as well as at the levels of local government. In addition, political parties of modern Russia must have their regional representations in at least half of the subjects of Russia. And the governing bodies of a political party must necessarily be located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Political parties of modern Russia havethe right to nominate candidates for elected positions. It is not excluded and the nomination of candidates for elections to the State Duma or to the legislative bodies of the subjects of the country.

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For the Russian Federation, a multiparty systemis a new trend. But this does not hinder the creation and development of a variety of political parties. Modern society is also able to choose from the existing diversity of parties exactly the one that will lobby and protect its specific interests. But the simplification of the procedure for creating lots led to the emergence of a business that allows particularly enterprising citizens for a fee to help in the creation of a party or in its subsequent resale.

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According to modern legislation, votescitizens who were given out for unsuccessful parties can be distributed in favor of the past. This is in proportion to the votes cast by the parties. At the same time, an unsuccessful party that gained about 3 percent of the vote has the right to receive funding from the state. In order to adopt the federal law, it will be enough to collect half of the votes of deputies, and to take a federal constitutional law, about 70 percent of the votes are already required.