Omsk is one of the largest modern citiesSiberia. Every year many tourists come here from all over the world. Indeed, there is much to see in this city. Visit the museums of Omsk, appreciate the local architectural attractions and just stroll through the Omsk streets.

The first acquaintance with the glorious city

Museums of Omsk

Start your cultural program makes sense withVisit the exhibition, telling the history of the city and the region. Back in 1878 the museum of local lore was founded. Omsk is a city with an interesting history that you can learn during this excursion. The most valuable exhibit of the collection is the flag of the Siberian Cossack Army of 1690. Very soon Omsk Museum of Local History will celebrate its 140th anniversary. Today it is already one of the oldest and most interesting active cultural organizations of our country. The Museum of Local Lore is located at 23A Lenin Street. The museum gate also deserves attention, they are often called "the gate of history, the gate of modernity". The surface of the gate is decorated with dozens of images that make up a single story telling the history of Siberia and the whole of our country.

Expositions dedicated to the fine arts

The Vrubel Museum

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Artsbehalf of MA. Vrubel was opened in 1924. In its collection today there are about 27000 exhibits, some of which are recognized as particularly valuable at the world level. The Vrubel Museum pleases its visitors not only with the canvases of great artists, but also with objects of decorative and applied art. Of particular value are jewelry made of gold, related to the Scythian-Sarmatian period. The exact address of the museum: Lenin street, house 3.

To see even more beautiful works of artistsYou can visit the exhibition hall of the Artist's House. The first floor of the gallery works as an art salon, where you can not only admire the canvases, but also buy what you like. On the second floor of the Artist's House there is a museum collection.

The most famous and interesting museums of the city

Many museums in Omsk are unique forSiberia. The Omsk State Literary Museum named after F.M. Dostoevsky. Today, the exhibition occupies nine rooms, it is divided into two sections. One of them is devoted to the stay of F.M. Dostoevsky in Siberia, and the second - the work of Omsk writers. The exact address of the museum: Dostoevsky Street, house 1.

During a trip to Omsk, theater lovers canvisit the thematic exposition. Omsk city museum of theatrical art will please the guests with an extensive thematic collection. During the tour you can see materials telling the history of the Omsk theater. Exact address: Lenin street, house 45.

If you have some free time, be sure tovisit other museums of Omsk. There is in this glorious Siberian city an exposition dedicated to the life and work of the national artist Kondraty Belov. No less popular among tourists are the Siberian Cultural Center, the Omsk Museum of Education and the Museum of Omsk Brick.

Modern private museums

Local History Museum Omsk

Many of our contemporaries prefer culturaland intellectual rest. For this reason, new exhibitions and art spaces, as well as contemporary art galleries and art salons, are opening in major cities. What new museums of Omsk deserve the attention of tourists? On Pushkin Street, 137 there is a modern complex "Omsk pyramid". Inside this unusual building are the salons, where you can buy unique interior items and simply admire their beauty.

Another modern exhibition space inOmsk - art studio "Fashion House". There are regularly held various exhibitions, including demonstrating the traditions of foreign masters and original art techniques.