Andrey Bugajsky - known blogger and presentera popular culinary program on the channel "Kitchen". His specialization is the preparation of delicious, nourishing men's food. It is the high-calorie dishes that made this cook famous.

Carier start

Many men, especially those who work in thedifficult conditions, may ask the question: "What can a blogger know about men's cuisine?". The answer is: absolutely everything. Andrei Bugajsky was the director of a large commercial aviation company. At one time he became a specialist in international economic relations. This gave him the opportunity to visit a wide variety of countries and try national dishes from around the world. On business trips, Andrei prepared for his entire team. And at the same time he mastered the products and recipes that are not peculiar to the Russian latitudes.

Andrei Bugai

To the profession of a blogger, he was brought to love bycooking and interest in everything new. It began with the fact that Andrew began to share his ideas on the page in "Facebook." And subscribers liked his culinary recipes. Despite the fact that the dishes are designed for men, the female audience also appreciated his efforts.

In 2010, the new channel "Kitchen" was opened. And Andrei Bugajsky was immediately invited to the position of the leading program "Men's Food". The duration of one transfer is not more than 15 minutes. But during this time, the blogger can quickly prepare dishes that differ not only in their satiety, but also in their taste.

"Men's Food" with Andrei Bugajsky: recipes

Andrew can cook absolutely any tasty fooddish. But they are especially fond of the Caucasian and south-eastern cuisine. This preference is not accidental. Andrei Bugajsky often visited Libya, Kenya, Vietnam and Georgia. The culinary culture of these countries was liked by the cook, and he began to study it. In addition, these national recipes are very caloric, and they can be quickly saturated. This, of course, is important for people engaged in hard work.

Andrey Bugajsky: recipes

But I also liked the cook-travelerEuropean cuisine. His program often includes dishes from Italy, France, Sweden, for example: Viennese schnitzel, steaks, steaks, pasta, risotto and other classic European recipes.

Stewed in tomato vegetables with sausages

Andrei Bugajsky loves the recipes of all countries, inwhich he visited. But especially the men's dish considers stewed vegetables with sausages. It turns out to be quite sharp and saturated with eggplant and smoked sausages.

Men's food with Andrei Bugai: recipes

For its preparation you need:

  1. Take two eggplants and zucchini. Cut them into large pieces. Put on a baking sheet and cover with oil. Put in the oven for 15 minutes.

  2. Take a pot and pour in it 0.5 liters of fried tomatoes or tomato paste, diluted with warm water. Put on medium fire.

  3. In a saucepan chop the Bulgarian pepper and put out.

  4. Fry the onion and chilli.

  5. Cut the sausages and add them to the onions.

  6. In a pan with a vegetable mixture, shift the contents of the pan and frying pan.

  7. Add garlic, herbs and favorite spices.

  8. Stew for 10 minutes.

  9. The dish is ready.

Having seen the cuisine of Bugajsky, on an example of the recipe,we can say with confidence that his dishes are really masculine. The cooking process is simple and fast, and this is the main thing. Therefore, if a man wants to eat deliciously or the hostess needs to quickly prepare dinner for the arrival of her husband, then the recipe of Andrei Bugai will help.