Every day on the streets of cities you can meet more and more girls in amazing summer boots. They emphasize the originality of their possessor and her sexuality.

Surprisingly, the fashion for this original shoesIt originated in the regions where people know about winter and cold only by hearsay. That's why women of fashion wear beautiful boots in warm weather, combining them with a wide variety of clothes.

summer lace boots

Summer lace boots and boots can betransparent, white, color or combination. There is an opinion that in such shoes in the summer heat is too hot. Naturally, such boots are not designed for temperatures above 25 degrees. With the usual warm weather in them is easy and pleasant.

For the second year, lacy summer boots do not passtheir positions. Heels on them can be any thickness and height. But this season the main trend is the boots on the platform and models that do not have heels. Unlike the winter ones, these models can be of absolutely different colors, and the brighter, the better.

Lacy summer boots look very nice withknitted sarafan. Such shoes make the female leg more elegant, besides, the lace does not violate the air exchange. Lovers of a romantic style may well choose the right option for themselves. It is enough to choose a model of soft pink, blue, turquoise, decorated with rhinestones or stones. You should remember that such shoes require perfect pedicure and stylish nail design. Winning will look like his French version - an analog of the eponymous manicure.

summer lace boots and boots

Boots summer lace (photo) require special,very careful care. They can not be washed, it is advisable to give them to dry cleaners to save for several seasons. Lacy summer boots are quite easy to damage, because they are made of the finest material, they are easy to hook and tear. Shoes from guipure should be worn only on special occasions in conjunction with evening dresses.

Lacy summer boots are worn in dry warmweather. You can combine them with jeans clothes, short dresses, skirts to the knee. Whatever you choose from clothes, in combination with lace boots it will be beautiful and flawless in terms of style and fashion.

More recently, such models are confidently treadingentered the wedding fashion. The bravest brides decided to put on such an original footwear for their main celebration. If you dare to take such a step, then you should be ready for oblique glances, especially from the older generation. Many people think that such boots, especially longer than the knee, look like they look like erotic lace underwear.

boots summer lace photo

This original summer women's shoesembodies elegance and elegance. Models have an amazing feature: they never look the same on two women. Fashion designers believe that they absorb the individuality and charisma of its owner. So do not be afraid that on the street you will have to meet with another fashionista in the same shoes.