A wedding is a wonderful event! Everyone wants to look beautiful on it.
Every time, getting an invitation to the celebration, the first question that comes to mind is what to wear for the wedding.

What to wear for the wedding
In fact, the choice of attire - not quite simplea business. It is necessary to find a dress, and to pick up shoes, handbag and jewelry. In addition, you still need not forget about the hair, make-up and manicure. Every year, fashion trends change, and I want to look stylish.

Choosing a costume for a man is a goal-oriented task. It is also necessary to pick up shoes, a shirt and a tie.

If you are invited as a witness or witness, then with even greater care you need to approach the selection of outfits.

What to wear to the wedding of witnesses? First, it is necessary to clarify with the bride and groom, whether there will be a themed wedding. Since if, nevertheless, a certain style of the wedding ceremony is planned, then it will be necessary to observe the so-called dress code. Clothing should be in harmony with the dresses of the newlyweds, but in no case should they be interrupted. In the center of attention, after all, there must be the culprits of the wedding celebration.

Now has become fashionable in the European manner of dressingin the same style of bridesmaids. It can be different dresses by style, but the color scheme should be traced. The girl always has a question about what to wear to her girlfriend's wedding, so as not to look too defiant, but to still catch the admiring glances of the invited guests.

What to wear for a girlfriend's wedding

To do this, you need to see the latest collections of world designers to understand the general features of the fashion character of a season.

If you still do not know what to wear for the wedding,then the main principle is this: try not to put on black things. If you still can not follow this rule, then at least dilute the outfit with bright shoes and accessories, so that you do not look like mourning.

This all applies to invited guests. But the Queen of the evening should set the tone for the whole event. It should be irresistible and unique. Her outfit will cause genuine interest on the part of absolutely all guests.
By the way, as an option, dresses for a wedding girlfriendbrides can rent in agencies where they provide wedding dresses. Usually there also offer a wide selection of evening dresses. There are also specialized shops that deal specifically with the sale of clothes for such ceremonial events.

Touching the hair, there is also one goldenrule. The more complex a dress you have, the easier it is to have a hairstyle. Over-saturated with colors and various elements of decoration, the image, as well as excessive use of costume jewelry, especially cheap, will not give your appearance a glamor and brilliance.

What to wear for the wedding

In everything, try to observe the golden mean. Use in your wardrobe modern color combinations. Do not be afraid to experiment with images. And then at the wedding party you will feel beautiful and simply irresistible.