In the summer season of 2013, everything that doesThe female silhouette is even more feminine, light, sophisticated and romantic. Of course, we are talking about dresses, lush skirts, blouses and sarafans. They are at the peak of popularity this season. As for the color, then there is a riot of colors: saturated blue, lemon, orange-coral, blue, fuchsia, sea, lilac, eggplant, ripe cherry, in a word everything that helps to feel harmony with summer nature, and peas and floral The print in the clothes reinforces this feeling. Also in the fashion white color, which can not but please lovers of clothes in the classical style.

Summer clothes

How can you combine all these trends in your wardrobe plump women? Yes, it's very simple! Summer clothes this year as if specially invented for the owners of magnificent shapes.

Almost in all collections there are lush skirtswith an overstated waist and a wide belt, which further emphasizes this very waistline. But this is exactly what ladies need with forms, since a wide contrasting belt plays a role like a corset, supporting the figure.

summer clothes for full

Summer clothes for girls with shapes, it's a hitseason - feminine dress "case" - the perfect outfit for a busty woman with rounded hips. It is only necessary to choose the right dress, placing emphasis on the chest and again, emphasizing the waist with a wide belt.

Summer clothes for full - it's sundresses, whichalso in vogue. Stitched from gentle light fabrics, they are able to betray even more charm and tenderness to the female image. The same can be said about blouses adorned with sewing, which is at the peak of popularity this year.

And again to help ladies with mouth-watering forms,cardigans and elongated blouses. And who said that they can not wear white? On the contrary, summer clothes should be light. And when, if not in the summer? You only need to wear it correctly, taking into account the characteristics of your figure. For example, under white or beige trousers with a high waistline, slightly narrowed or straight, the blouse of neutral color and a bright cardigan to the middle of the thigh perfectly fit with a belt. Or you can make a color accent on the blouse, and leave a cardigan or lengthened jacket in a calm tone. Here much depends on the color of the hair, eyes and skin of a woman and needs an individual approach.

summer clothes for girls

Keep in mind that it's better if summer clothes are only made from natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk ... In hot weather, this is especially important.

There are, of course, a few "buts" that are contraindicated for girls with mouth-watering forms, so that no one talks about fashion trends, and you need to know.

Avoid very flared dresses in full, as they can increase even more. The width of the product should be medium.

Popular in this year's various large jewelry, jabos and details in the form of patch pockets are also not suitable.

Absolutely contraindicated breeches, as will dolegs are even fuller and shorter. No matter how much you like, it's better to pass by these things, but to look for something really suitable. Remember that fashionable summer clothes, this is what is coming!